No matter where you’ll be heading this Holiday season, having your gift piled in the corner with others doesn’t make it fun.

We’ve got you covered for creative Holiday treats that will be the centre of attention on any table. Santa approved.

You’ve put time into going out to get someone a gift, hard-earned money and most importantly: love. So maybe it’s time to skip the bottle o’booze and gift a more creative alternative gift. See our list below of 7 places you should consider as a gift-to-give this Holiday Season!

If these gifts are still just blah for you (clearly your expectations belong in Mars), or you really just want to give something beautiful and not from Vancouver, read all about GAIL’S Bakery delivery here! 

Gifts from $20 – 500$ to suit any budget.


1. Holt Renfrew – 737 Dunsmuir St, Vancouver

The most expensive gift on our list, and naturally the most luxurious. I’m a bit biast as I sprinkle their chocolate shavings in my espresso every morning. If you want (or need) to go above and beyond, nothing beats this F&M (Forthum & Mason) hamper. Buying from Holts is quicker then flying to London, England (but you could still say it’s from there?).

The Love Of Tea Hamper

Different options to choose from. This one is $500.


2. PureBread Bakery – Multiple locations in Vancouver

This bakery is well known for their large assortment of instagramable fresh bakery items. Their Christmas Selection Box includes: 2 mince tarts, 3 mini gingersnaps, 3 mini Nana’s shortbread, 2 pecan melting moments, 2 mini outrageous brownies, 3 mini chocolate chip cookies, 3 mini gingerbread and 4 star cookies.

Available for pre-order only so plan accordingly.

Christmas Selection Box

Price: $30.00

Multiple locations: 2887 W. Broadway, Vancouver; 5 E 5th Avenue, Vancouver; 159 W. Hastings Street, Vancouver ; 122-4338 Main Street, Whistler; 1-1040 Millar Creek Road, Whistler ; 105-40147 Glenalder Place, Squamish


3. Nero Waffles – 1002 Seymour Street, Vancouver

These guys know how to make the best waffles. Pick up to go or eat them all there with a mimosa, take your pick, you can’t be wrong either way. Mini waffles packed in the cutest box? Yes, please. At under 20$ per box don’t be shy to give this to all your friends. Limited availability in stores so we would suggest calling ahead of time to make sure your box is ready to go! Winter flavours: original; vanilla custard; raspberry; dark chocolate hazelnut; snowflake; persian love; apple cinnamon.

Winter Flavours Box

Price: $19.75


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4. Cadeaux Bakery – 172 Powell Street, Vancouver

If you don’t like cake, please stop reading and go cry in a corner where you belong. We’ve all had those sheet cakes from you-know-where, decorated with sprinkles and rainbows…. how about elevating your cake game this year with a cake from Cadeaux (French for gift) Bakery.

At the same price as a bottle of good scotch, this bakery will have your guests of all ages indulge in their classic (not so classic) flavours like: Lavender Mocha, London Fog, Double Chocolate Caramel Crunch, Raspberry Latte…. and many others. Pre-orders only. A 4-5 notice is usually ok!

Or opt out for a log, sliced or whole (pre-order only). Three flavors this year to choose from: MANGO MANDARIN MADNESS ; CARAMELA(LA,LALALALA); CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT ROCHER


Price: $45

Price:   9×12” sheet cake (20 servings) – $75 ;  12×18” sheet cake (35-40 servings) – $150


5. Seafood City Granville Island – 143-1689 Johnston St, Vancouver

This is for for the fish lovers. Or that really unique gift. Although this fish market won’t give you the bells and bows (or basket), their assortment of fresh smoked fish can be nicely (and professionally) vacume sealed, perfect for gifting. Head over to a craft store like Michael’s on Broadway for always-amazing deals on baskets, bows and wrap to make this gift a thoughtful and uncommon one that will be sure to get a lot of attention.

Their smoked fish options include: Maple sockeye salmon, salmon nuggets, candied nuggets smoked salmon, straw candy, pepper nuggets, hot bits, chilli flake maple nuggets.

Smoked Fish

Price: Average per 100g about $7.00 or $ 33.90 lbs


6. The Gourmet Warehouse – 1340 E Hastings St, Vancouver

There’s never been a time that I’ve received one of these baskets and said, “oh no, another?”NEVER! The Gourmet Warehouse are queens of packing unique food items that will have you picking through all month long. They have nine options listed on their website from local to vegan themes, but don’t be shy to call them and ask if a custom box is what you’re after.

Best of BC

Price: $100


7. Lindt Chocolates   – 455 Howe St, Vancouver

Ok. Do we really have to write something here? If you haven’t had a Lindt chocolate recently – RUN to the store now! These melt-in-your-mouth balls of deliciousness have been perfected in their 177 year existence. This gift is super fun for the kiddies too! They have a “pick your own” box. The 150 box looks like Little Red Riding Hood’s and don’t worry about counting each one, they have a scale at the end to let you know how many left you have to add (or take away… the usual problem).

While you’re there, might as well grab an ice chocolate drink (pictured below).

Three Christmas flavours: Snowman, Candy cane, Peppermint Cookie Crunch  + 22 others regulars.

Pick & Mix

Price: 150 on sale for $49 usually $60


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Happy gifting from the Fueler family & Santa

Nina @Fueler

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