Though firework displays, family fun nights and concerts might be most-likely cancelled in Vancouver… One thing is for certain: there’s not one street in Vancouver that you can’t catch a well-made cocktail.

Rainy-city, No-fun City, whatever you want to call it, the 604 will have you buzzing at these local hangouts. This is the Keefer Street Special.


If you map out your night correctly, Downtown Vancouver is not a very big area (3.7km), so think about it… your Saturday can easily be spend visiting each one of these hot local spots on this list!


Here are 8 places to visit next weekend – on KEEFER STREET, VANCOUVER.


Photo by Bao Bei Vancouver // 8 Places on Keefer Street to have a well-made cocktail in Vancouver // Fueler Canada Magazine


1. The Keefer Bar – 135 Keefer Street

This place has so much going on you literally could sleep a few nights here… maybe? Located under a few exclusive flats (and a secret roof-top pool), the ground floor is really where you want to be. A long dimly lit room, glass jars with unlabelled objects, suberb house beats and a fire-pit outdoor seating area. Remember those strip-tease burlesque nights? Bring those back! This is one Fantasy Island you want to be on. Not to mention they have the best sharable Chinese-inspired snacks. Read more about Bar Manager Amber Bruce in this issue of Fueler Canada Magazine.

Until recently guests were able to hop over next-door to the Keefer Yard for an out-doors (but covered) mini-golf experience. Let’s hope this comes back in time for the Summer!





2. MILA – 185 Keefer Street

Vegans unite! MILA is a step above casual dining where guests can enjoy dining on three levels. Whether you are there for the drinks or the sushi this neighbourhood restaurant has brought back Juniper patrons no matter their full-vegan menu. Their version of fish and chips really does taste, look and feel like fish.




3. Bao Bei – 163 Keefer Street

Chinese Brasserie in Vancouver. Modern approach to Chinese cooking inspired by a Taiwanese and Shanghai menu, elevated but not stuck up. Don’t you go forgetting about this place.




4. Oyster Express – 296 Keefer Street

This place hasn’t changed since they opened, and for good reason. Just look at the 90s Honda Accord in the photo below.




5. The Chickadee Room in Juke – 182 Keefer Street

This would be the guilty pleasure. A sick list of craft cocktails, fried chicken, 80s neon lights and always someone new to meet for a chat. Read our chat with Bar Director Sabrine Dhaliwal here!




6. Pizzaria Ludica – 189 Keefer Place

No matter what age, this pizzaria-games-room offers a huge wall of classic and new board games! Their pizza is delicious, a selection of classic cocktails and hours of fun for the whole family. Popular place for university hangouts and cheap happy-hour.




7. Floata Seafood Restaurant – 180 Keefer Street.

This large restaurant is found inside Chinatown Plaza.  The Prime Minister is a fan too.




8. Gain Wah Restaurant – 218 Keefer Street

The well-loved restaurant had a devastating fire in September but with community support pulled through. Gain Wah has been around since the 80s with cheap but comforting eats.







Nina @Fueler