Fueler Canada Magazine
Canada’s only automotive and motorsport magazine driven to inspiring community involvement through our story-telling approach. We give a change to real people in our communities to share their talent and stories in a space typically monopolized by large companies and fake media.

Semi-annual print and digital Canadian publication, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.
Our content is 80% motorsport & automotive + 20% food, drink & lifestyle.

Fueler’s Media Team is in: Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, Bulgaria and Japan.
We cover sporting events not limited to, but that have a connection with automotive and motorsport.

The Fueler Media Team is accredited with:
Formula 1, Extreme E, Tennis Canada, Formula E, E1, to name a few.

Our accreditation list also includes individual events around the world.

Each issue highlights a different Canadian charity. For nominations please email: [email protected]

Please visit our Media page for more info, or contact us directly at [email protected]

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Quick Facts


Print (National) & Digital (International)

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

80% Motorsport & Automotive + 20% Food, Drink & Lifestyle.

Certified eco-paper +  Soy bean ink

International Media Team

5 Regular columnists

International Motorsport Media Accreditation

Featured Canadian charity in every issue