Finally, a Canadian experiencing a true American Thanksgiving Dinner, served in Charcoal taste.

I’m at Charcoal Venice. A Los Angeles neighbourhood hot-spot to dine and wine, especially on a Holiday like this weekend.

Set a short drive away from the Venice Beach swooping street sign, is a beautifully transformed space locals know as Santa Monica’s casual neighbourhood dining spot. But it feels anything but casual. Apart from California’s relaxed dinner vibe, every dish that comes out of Charcoal’s kitchen has been checked by a handful of highly skilled kitchen staff.  In my wait to have some time with Chef Josiah Citrin, I had a perfectly bitter espresso and a charcoal margarita.


Mightnight Margarita // Charcoal Venice // Photo by Nina Stamenova, Fueler Canada Magazine

Suddenly, from inside the kitchen, I heard “what’s going on here! “ The vibe feels like a diluted MasterChef, in a largely naturally-lit beautiful timber, with enveloped ceilings, and cased in the same material that my five-year-old likes to jump on the playground (but tastefully done for adults). How fun! After a couple of these margaritas, pretty sure I could be jumping up and down on the ceiling myself. The Midnight Marg is a fine balance of El Charro Tequila, Cointreau, Lime, Charcoal and charcoal salt rim. Major props to a master bartender with 14 years experience.



Today was Thanksgiving, I came on the busiest time of the year… like a second Christmas over here in the USA, and I couldn’t be more thankful that the highly respected Chef Citrin made some time for me to invite me into his kitchen. With seven well known restaurants under his name in the Los Angeles region, I had nothing but patience.



The Thanksgiving menu was simple yet unsurprisingly delicate, a set menu for 125$ per person with a choice of vegetarian or “regular.”

Menu included 10 dishes to feast on followed by what looked like a rich chocolate cake.

I’m pretty gutted I forgot to get a signed copy of his cook book CHARCOAL…. just means I have to come back sooner then I thought!

Thank you to Executive Chef Josiah Citrin and Chef de Cuisine Jordan Olivo for inviting me into the Charcoal kitchen.


We can’t wait to share with you more about Chef Citrin’s food, cars and passions in our next issue of Fueler!

Thanksgiving Menu // Charcoal Venice // Photo by Nina Stamenova, Fueler Canada Magazine


Midnight Margarita

El Charro Tequila, Cointreau, Lime, Charcoal


2022 Charcoal Venice Menu

Cabbage Baked in the Embers, Yogurt, Sumac, Lemon Zest; Sunchoke Rosemary Soup; Grilled Escarole
Pomegranate-Persimmon Vinaigrette And Smoked Mushroom and Beet Tartare, Crème Fraiche, Currants; Smoked Diestel Farms Turkey with Wild Mushroom Stuffing and Prime Rib Slow Roasted on the Green Egg; Horseradish Jus with Praline Pecan Yams; Whipped Potatoes; Braised Mushrooms; Szechuan Green Beans; Cranberry Sauce; Seasonal Pies




Nina @Fueler