BMW launched its second electric scooter, the CE 04, in 2021 and its looks certainly divided opinion.

The German brand is taking electrification seriously, to target new buyers rather than existing BMW customers, so the design targets a younger audience. Jeremy Webb straddles the scooter to possibly jump into the future of urban mobility.


Viewing the CE04, it looks like a machine from the film Judge Dredd, a futuristic machine in every sense with an angular, simplistic look to appeal to a new generation of users who will use electric power for urban mobility. I say urban mobility as the CE 04 only has a range of around 130 Km when used in the Economy Mode, equating to a couple of days use on the average commute.


The CE 04 is aimed at commuters, and I would say it is the perfect machine for the job. Performance is fantastic, and even in the Economy mode, you will thrill every time you open up the throttle. You can get Dynamic mode as an option for increased exhilaration when you wind the throttle back and launch forward. It feels like taking off from an Aircraft carrier. As standard, you get two other options for riding, Rain and Road, which adjust the performance to match weather conditions and your style of riding.


Handling is excellent; even though the CE 04 is long, the centre of gravity is down low, allowing you to throw the machine around with great ease and agility. BMW has also built in technology to aid the safety of the CE 04. They have increased stability through Automatic Stability Control, and as another option to add on, you can get Dynamic Traction Control. The grip is excellent even at tight lean angles and when pushing the scooter at speed.



The CE 04 tackles the bumps of the British roads well, partly thanks to the Directionally Stable Suspension and the one-piece steel tubular frame. I found the seat was acceptable over the hour-long journey it took me from Vines BMW Motorrad in Guildford back to the south coast. It happened to be at the peak of the scooter’s mileage range which I assume will not be what most CE 04s will be used for. If you opt for the comfort package, you get a heated seat and grips, which will be ideal for all-year use, making cold commutes much more bearable. The tyres also provide good comfort soaking up potholes and bumps alike.



BMW want to keep you safe, so on the CE 04, you get powerful brakes with the latest ABS and ABS Pro as an option. The front system is a twin disc that gives you smooth stopping from high speeds. The single disc at the rear is equally good, and you feel completely in control of your braking.


On rides, you have your route lit by powerful LED Daylight running lights, including a headlamp for high and low beams at the front. A rear light and turn indicators are also LEDs.



The big question with electric vehicles, apart from the range, is how easy is it to charge? The CE 04 has plenty of options to make life simple. The standard Mode 2 charging cable allows you to charge your BMW CE 04 at a domestic socket. Thanks to the 2.3 kW charging output, your scooter will charge from 0% to 80% in around three and a half hours using the five-metre-long charging cable.



If you use the optional Mode 3 charging cable, plug your CE 04 in at public charging columns. Your scooter will charge from 0% to 80% at 2.3 kW in three and a half hours. Purchasing the optional quick charger with a charging output of up to 6.9 kW will cut the time required to do so to 65 minutes – depending on the respective charging column.



Your link to the scooter is through the fabulous 23 cmTFT colour screen which has connectivity to your smartphone. It integrates map navigation and has superb visibility. Through the TFT you can use the navigation system’s point of interest function will indicate charging columns in the surroundings of your choice and will lead you there on the shortest route. You can select it either in the BMW Motorrad Connected app or you directly select the route to the next charging column on your scooter’s 23 cm  TFT display. Using the BMW Motorrad Connected app, you see the estimated end of charging during the charging process, how long the stored energy will last, and the range.


Competition in the electric market is strong and many manufacturers are producing great machines. Recently I rode the MCR-H electric sports bike which is a superb machine but built more for the weekend rider. I reviewed the DTX 360 which is a full electric scooter and you can read about it on here  The SK3 dual cell from. is also a good option for someone looking for a small electric commuter scooter.


The BMW CE 04 is excellent, fun and practical, which you want from a machine.


BMW Motorrad gives you three years warranty with the purchase of a CE 04, and the first service is not due until 24 months or 10000 Km.


Prices start from $19600


Thanks to VinesBMW Guildford for the loan of the CE 04.




Jeremy @Fueler