BMW Motorrad introduces their track-ready Mega machine, the M 1000 R. It is a Hyperbike that is road legal and will attract many customers.

BMW cars have had the M series for decades, and their M for Motorsports models have been some of the most iconic cars through those years. The motorcycle section of the German marque then decided they would like a slice of the M cake, and a couple of years ago, the Motorrad M 1000 RR was launched. The track-only hyperbike has proved popular, thus encouraging BMW to expand the M machines and create bikes customers can ride on the road and then take to the track.


BMW M 1000 R, BMW Test Days 2022, Almeria, Spain


Enter the M 1000 R, which combines a racing machine with a dynamic road bike within one frame. For nearly £20k, you get a bike with a top speed of 168 mph 280 km/h and an impressive output of 210 hp producing exhilarating acceleration and riding. The traction control and aerodynamics keep the bike on the black stuff so you can utilise the full performance of the M 1000 R. You are always in control of this performance, whether on a track surface or a country lane.


The M 1000 R is the M version of BMW’s already popular naked street bike, the S 1000 RR, and there are a few differences between the two bikes to warrant BMW adding the M designation.



I mentioned the Traction Control; this is only one piece of electronics on the M 1000 R, and the bike is crammed with it. It is impressive stuff with four base modes: Rain, softer throttle response and reduced torque in lower gears; Road, optimal throttle response and reduced torque in lower gears; Dynamic, optimal throttle response and reduced torque in lower gears; and Race, optimal throttle response and maximum torque in all gears.


The M 1000 R also has the Race Pro modes as standard, which offer three customisable modes, which you can configure with an additional throttle response called Direct. While riding, you can alter the Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) from the left handlebar switch. An excellent piece of kit because if surface conditions change in areas during your ride, you can adjust the DTC to aid you without stopping.



You also get heated grips, cruise control, a Pit Lane Limiter, Shift Assistant Pro, Launch Control, and Hill Start Control Pro. The M 1000 R has a lovely clear  15 cm full-colour TFT display, the same as the one on M 1000 RR track bike. It has four different display themes, allowing you to select which type of info is essential to the riding you are participating in. You can choose a theme in track sessions based on the tachometer, lap timer, and information about lapping. You may want standard info in street mode, including trip meters, odometer and fuel level.


You will find a USB charging socket in the rear, while full LED lighting includes the rear turn indicators that act as the brake lights and pulse under hard braking. The M 1000 R has a key fob and push-button ignition instead of a standard key.



You had probably spotted the winglets on the M 1000 R, a feature directly taken from Moto GP bikes when Ducati introduced them about five years ago. These serve a purpose as they add aerodynamic downforce to the front wheel, enabling the bike to hug the ground at extreme speeds. They prevent Wheelies when throttling hard out of corners or on straights and allow for rapid acceleration without full electronic intervention. Perfect for hard riding on tracks and when you are pushing it on roads.



The M 1000 R, although packing plenty of ponies, can be ridden however you want, from bimbling along a high street to full-on hyper-speed on a German Autobahn or race track. You never feel the bike wants to run away, and it is not clunky when riding at low speeds. It is as mild or wild as you wish—bloody good fun. The M 1000 R comes into its own when you twist the throttle on open roads, and the speedometer spins up. But it never steps out of line, so you are always confident pushing it along.



The M 1000 R’s chassis is fantastic, providing sharp and accurate handling and allowing you to fling the machine around at will. Although a race bike has an upright seating position, comfortable seat, and good ergonomics.


BMW has built a truly fantastic machine. The M 1000 R has a versatility that few sportbikes can match. A road bike that is at home on the track as it is on country roads, as docile as you want or as maverick as you desire.



Competition: the KTM 1290 Super Duke R Evo $20,399;

the base-model Ducati Streetfighter V4 starts at $22,095 and climbs up to $37,995 for the SP2 version;

Aprilia Tuono V4 Factory. $19,499.



No other bike on the market can keep up with the M 1000 R on the road, especially on the track. Buy one and smile every ride.






Thanks to VinesBMW Bikes of Guildford.


BMW M 1000 R, BMW Test Days 2022, Almeria, Spain



Jeremy @Fueler

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