BMW, the German powerhouse of car manufacturing, is expanding production of fully electric vehicles, with more and more models being added to their ranges. Their popular X3 SUV has now got the iX3 electric, and Jeremy Webb got to charge around in the M Sport Pro model for a week. 


It is always a nice day when a new car arrives for review, and even better when the delivery driver reverses the silent BMW iX3 M Sport Pro off his flatbed and passers-by stop to look. The keys are handed to me, and the guy says, “You’ll enjoy this one.” hearing murmurs of that looks good; what is it? It must be electric, allowing me to chat with the people and get their thoughts.


Immediately you climb into the iX3 M Sport Pro; it’s impressive with a luxury feel and looks. You have plenty of space, a hugely comfortable seat with heating, and every possible angle of a movement powered silently. All occupants are treated equally well and have great seats. The vehicle is based on BMW’s successful X3 SUV with the ICE removed, adding an electric motor.


A 455 Km promised range is plenty for average weekly use. I had the car for a week, and after various trips for work, pleasure, and mundane chores, I handed the car back with seven miles on the range indicator. The performance from the 282bhp motor is impressive, and although not as swift as a Tesla, it does shift fast enough to give you that tingle in your stomach and rush of adrenaline. It will easily sit at 112 Km/H and can shoot away over the 200 if you venture into Germany and hit the Autobahns.


The BMW iX3 M Sport Pro is a car to tackle long journeys easily, and I wish I had one on a recent trip across Europe to Italy. You and your passengers will feel safe and comfortable as the wheels and suspension cope with all that UK roads can throw at it. Handling is good, and although a rear-wheel drive, it never felt like the back end would break away even in rapid cornering and direction changes.


BMW iX3 // Photos BMW // Fueler Canada Magazine


As you would expect from a modern car, safety aids are crammed in and too numerous to list. 30 cm Drivers’ display and 30 cm touchscreen console display give the Driver and occupants clear information, be it safety warnings or what is playing on the music App. The Heads Up Display HUD system is fantastic, easy to read, informative, and crystal clear symbols, enabling you to keep your eyes on the road.


The BMW iX3 M Sport Pro emits Acoustic sounds internally and externally when you manoeuvre to notify pedestrians and other road users of the car’s presence. An innovation that all electric vehicles should have for safety reasons.


Charging is simple when on a journey; you can quick charge at a high-capacity station to get sixty miles of range in ten minutes. You can get the same capacity in twenty minutes at a fast-charging station, so grab a hot drink and stretch your legs, and quickly be back on the road. With a 7.4Kw/h wall charger at home, you can fill up a sixty-mile range in two hours and fifteen minutes. The charging station network is increasing daily, so owning an electric vehicle now no longer involves worrying about range issues.


BMW iX3 // Photos BMW // Fueler Canada Magazine

The iX3 M Sport Pro is less expensive than its rivals like the Audi e-tron 50 ,   Mercedes-Benz EQC 400  and Jaguar I-Pace.


I adore the iX3 M Sport Pro as it is a drivers’ car that you can push along like a coupe or sports car even though it is an SUV. You get a lot for your money, and it is luxurious inside. You get all the practicality of a large vehicle and enjoy something nippier—a perfect family car that can tackle commuting, shopping, and being the children’s taxi.


BMW iX3 // Photo BMW // Fueler Canada Magazine

BMW iX3 // Photo BMW // Fueler Canada Magazine


I drove the M Sport Pro version, and there is an M Sport model, which is considered the base car.


Slight variations on the Pro:

The Extended High-gloss Shadowline exterior trim and 50 cm alloy wheels feature on the Pro.


  • Driving Assistant Professional
  • Enhanced Bluetooth with Wireless Charging
  • Folding Wing Mirrors with Auto-dimming
  • Parking Assistant Plus
  • Head-Up Display
  • Gesture Control
  • Front Heated Seats
  • Comfort Access
  • Backrest width adjustment
  • Harman/Kardon Surround Sound Audio System.


M Sport $ 96000

M Sport Pro $ 102400


BMW iX3 // Photo BMW // Fueler Canada Magazine


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