Bruna Tomaselli,25 year-old Brazilian racing driver who currently competes in the W Series for Racing X is hopeful for a packed 2023 season ahead.

Her first-ever race dates back to when she was just seven years old, when she made the podium despite being the only girl on the grid and going up against far more experienced youngsters.


Tomaselli’s first race came in Las Vegas in 2011, where she again made the podium despite being in a pool of 80 drivers. She continued to have joy on the karting scene before making the move up a level.

The 25-year-old has a rich history of racing, starting her pro career in Formula Junior Brazil, before moving to Formula 4 Sudamericana after two years.



In 2017, Bruna moved to the US and signed up for the Road to Indy program, racing in the US F2000 National Championship. She raced her first full-time campaign with Team Pelfrey in 2018, before moving to Pabst Racing Services and finishing 8th in 2019.

In 2019, Tomaselli made her first effort to join W Series but failed at the recruit evaluation stage. Fortunately, the Brazilian’s never-say-die attitude saw her return and succeed the very next year.

In the 2022 season, Tomaselli equalled her W Series career-best finish of 5th at the first Miami race of the year. She went on to feature seven times, picking up 11 points and finishing 12th in the Championship. However, this was not the Brazilian’s debut in the competition, as she finished 15th the previous season, racing alongside champion Jamie Chadwick for Veloce Racing.



Bruna Tomaselli Interview


Fueler:  Girls on Track is such an amazing initiative; you are a part of the program too. Tell us about this!


Bruna: It was a good day in Interlagos the other week. I was invited by Bia Figueiredo.

She used to race in IndyCars. I think she’s the most important female driver in Brazil. And there was like, we were in 35, 39 girls! It was very nice. I didn’t know that, but I knew we are the third country to do this action with Girls on Track, with FIA Girls on Track to go there, and it was very nice. We were there with other drivers, engineers, journalists, go-kart drivers and it was amazing. I mean, to be with other girls at the track and with F1, we saw a lot of drivers and the guys from Mercedes. They show us their box, they show us everything, their cars. We couldn’t take any pictures of that, but it was amazing because we saw everything in Mercedes, inside Mercedes. And I used to race with in the same F1 weekends with W Series. And even for me who know the whole environment, it was nice because I learned more things and it was very nice and good. I was happy to see more girls, more women there and everyone’s there enjoyed a lot and it was amazing.


Bruna Tomaselli (BRA)


Fueler: Brazilians love sport; Louis Hamilton received his honorary citizenship before the season’s end last week too. As a Brazilian, how would you express Brazil’s relationship with motorsport the country’s motorsport culture?


Bruna:  I think, of course, we do not have too much [motorsport] culture like football. We are the soccer country, but we have a lot of history in motorsport. We have Ayrton Senna, we have Fittipaldi, we have Piquet. We have Felipe Massa, Barrichello in F1. We had a lot of drivers who made history in F1, and in IndyCars as well. And here in Brazil we have great categories and we have a lot of drivers in go-karts, we have world champions.

I know the Brazilian people, they love motorsport. We could see [last] weekend in F1, in Interlagos on the internet. The guys were crazy about everything. And I think we love it. We already made history in motorsport and for sure, we are working to have another driver in F1 as soon as possible. We have Felipe Drugovich now as this involvement driver. And I think the whole Brazilians are working to keep making history in motorsport. Not just in F1, but I think in everything.



Fueler: Sports culture no matter the sport brings people together! There have been alternative to the single-seater championships emerge, 4 wheels …two wheels… Have any of these motorsport championships caught your attention or interest?


Bruna: Yeah. I think you say two wheels now. I don’t like it. I think it’s too dangerous. But of course, another categories, another races, for sure. Now my focus is on W Series where I am now. And I hope to keep there next year at least. But of course, there are another categories that I know can be an option for the future. It’s not just F1 or F1 World. We have a lot of other categories in the world and great categories. And I think for sure, we have many options after where I am now.


Fueler: It’s very sad that the season had to come to a close so quickly for W Series. But we know, we all know, even your fans and everyone that it’s going to come back even stronger next year. What would you say the current substitute or should I say more… What is the addition to your schedule for the next couple months in the calendar?


Bruna: For sure, I keep the preparation. We are not racing now, but we need to keep ready for when it come back. I still keep going to the gym every day, simulators. I practice go-karts every week. And before W Series, I was doing some practice in F2 car. Now, I stopped because we are not racing for this year anymore. But as soon as we have an answer from W Series, I will start it again. And yeah, that’s it. I think the preparation keep going. We can never stop doing anything. So I think for now, gym, simulator, go-karts is… it’s helping me to keep in action.



Fueler: What do you love most about your fans?


Bruna: I think, to know that I have fans is good. I think, to know that there are another people supporting you and sharing for you, and another people who loves what you do and they watch your races, just keeping follow you on Instagram and seeing what you do, I think that’s very important for us drivers to… it’s like a power to know that there are another people supporting your life. I think, that’s the biggest important thing.



Fueler: How fast is fast?


Bruna: I don’t know. I think, the race cars I drive now is fast, but for sure, I think we can go more. I think F1 is fine, but when I watch IndyCars in ovals, I think is the only category I think, okay, that’s too fast.


Fueler: What are your thoughts on electric racing and could this be a future concept with W Series?


Bruna: I think maybe, I think the electric races are coming strong. We have a few of electric races now, electric categories and different kinds of this. I don’t know maybe for W Series or other categories like this, but… I don’t know. I think maybe in… not now, but in the future, can be an option. It depends how the work is going. But I think maybe can be an option.


Fueler: Would you be interested in electric racing?


Bruna: Yeah. I think it’s an option. I think they are growing up. I think in the future, they can be much stronger and for sure, I think can be an option.



Fueler: …Leading into about your W Series placement of this season, maybe it wasn’t as high as you wanted it to be, what is your goal for next season?


Bruna: I was expecting more for this season, but I think we had some problems in some races that I didn’t get any points. I didn’t have a good qualify and I started in the back of the grade and then I couldn’t recover as much as I wanted. But I think the most important thing is to have the category next year, to make it happen and to be there, for sure. And for sure, if I’ll be there next year, I need to be stronger than this year, have more good results. And I think, next year I can fight to finish in top five.


Fueler: Why not! What is the most rewarding weekend for you thus far?


Bruna: I think when I was in go-karts, when I finished in third in SKUSA in Las Vegas, I think was amazing. I went to the podium with George Russell. That was very good. And I think, in W Series we had a good weekends, almost every one! Of course, the results were not too good sometimes, but the weekend there was amazing. I think, in W Series in Miami this year were the best for me.



Fueler:  I know that to you also have a degree journalism, Fueler loves journalism! What would you say the pressing stories are in motorsport at the moment, and more importantly for women in motorsport?


Bruna: Maybe the end of F1 season. I think, about women in motorsport, I think, it’s getting better in journalists, this part because we can see every time more and more and more, even more women working as journalists now, talking about another girls racing and everything. But I don’t know what I think is the most important thing they should talk now. Maybe talk about W Series and help us for next year, to make it happen.

I think we need to support each other, especially the girls. So I think maybe, that’s can be a good point.


Fueler: Were you surprised of the season closing?


Bruna: Yeah, because we are not expecting it, but I think if they did it, it’s because they are trying to make it happen next year. And I think it’s more important to have it next year and then the next year than have to race this year. So I think they did the best thing. I know they are strong and I know we will come back strong next year.


Fueler: Well, there’s a lot of mixed emotions between W Series plumbing to close and then now, F1 revealing their own women’s series. How do you feel about it?


Bruna: I think the same thing. We’re at F1 normal category. Of course, it’s very good to have more and more. I think if we could have a few women’s category around the world, it would be perfect. But W Series is already racing with F1. And I think maybe could be better if they could invest more in it instead of make another one. And of course, it can be a successful. But I think in this part we already have something. Well, I think what we need to do is support everything and maybe that’s the not best way to do it. But if it really happens, I hope W Series keep going with success and this F1 category too. So I think everyone’s be happy and everything happens.



Fueler: Speaking of new drivers coming out on track what are some key aspects on keeping safe on track?


Bruna: I think now, the cars and security in the track is much better than a few years ago. I think, everyone is trying to improve. We saw some accidents like in Spa, two, three years ago. We still have it. It’s a dangerous sport. We can never say that it will not happen. But I think, everyone is trying to improve. Cars are better, the security of the driver, all our equipment and everything, the tracks, we can see some change in some tracks around the world to try to improve this part. So I think, if something will happen, it will happen.


Fueler: Fantastic to hear, technology is ever evolving and so should the people around it! Going into your daily regime, what are some of your favorite foods that give you energy? And on the other side of things, what has been the worst packed lunch?


Bruna: I think what gives us more energy is pasta, and is good, I like! This year I think in Barcelona or Silverstone, our race was 2:00 or 3:00 PM… it was me and Marta, and we didn’t have lunch! We just asked the guys who were working the kitchen for a plate of pasta because that’s what we need to eat before the race. They gave us and then everything was okay haha! When I need energy, before the race, I think that’s what I like to eat. And the worst thing… I don’t know. Maybe pork. I don’t like too much. So when they have it, I almost don’t eat.


Fueler: With over 350 varieties of pasta, guess you’ll never get tired of it! Bruna, thank you so much for joining me today. Please bring over some warm sun this way.


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