Don’t Hold Back on your activities. The mantra of DHB sports, which produce quality sportswear for Cycling, Swimming and Triathlons.

Aimed at serious sportsmen and women but is available to anyone who wants to wear well-made, long-lasting, performance-boosting garments.


I am a keen open-water swimmer, swimming all year in the sea near my house. Until recently, I was going in the water in shorts and a neoprene top, and that was it. Hardcore or mad, probably the latter, I enjoyed my swims, but they were restricted to about five minutes before I became too cold. When I started looking into the kit for cold-water swimming, it quickly became apparent that DHB was the brand to look at, particularly the Hydron Thermal wetsuit.


I canvassed members of open-water swimming groups, and the DHB Hydron Thermal wetsuit kept on being recommended. It is smoothskin neoprene with HDS coating to glide through the water. It is 100% neoprene on the outside with a 4mm thickness at the chest and back to keep your core warm. The Hydron Thermal Wetsuit keeps you warm and aids your buoyancy in the water, which helps with swimming and is a safety factor if you should get into problems. Lie on your back, and the wetsuit keeps you afloat.



The DHB Hydron Thermal wetsuit has a super stretchy nylon backing allowing excellent freedom of movement, so you can easily breaststroke, freestyle or even backstroke.


DHB uses natural or recycled fabrics in more than 10 per cent of their sportswear. They are now researching recycled and sustainable materials that match or better the performance of their current fabrics for every new development to lessen their environmental footprint further. They use Merino wool from non-mulesed sheep, much finer and softer than regular wool. It is a sustainable, environmentally friendly, biodegradable fibre that is naturally odour resistant, anti-bacterial, breathable, thermo-regulating and UV resistant.



Competition comes from Zone 3 Aspire , HUUB Altius, Cressi Fast Swim 5mm wetsuit.


I strongly recommend the DHB Hydron Thermal wetsuit as it has exponentially benefitted my swimming in cold water. I feel more confident from its buoyancy; I can swim better in it, and most importantly, I remain warm to stay in the sea longer. If you are looking for a wetsuit, look no further than the DHB Hydron Thermal. I went from five minutes in the sea to averaging fifteen minutes. I do wear 5mm thermal diving gloves and 5mm thermal swim socks and a diving hood and these keep the extremities protected again enabling longer times in the water.



$ 254




4mm neoprene on chest and back panels

Smooth-skin neoprene with HDS coating

Super stretchy nylon backing

Improved buoyancy on chest and thighs

Quick-release calf panels

Zip, with tie cord, from industry leaders YKK Group

Liner: 54% polyester, 46% nylon, outer: 100% neoprene



DHB has been creating performance sports apparel for three decades. They began by establishing roots in cycling, where they have pioneered some of the market’s most iconic products and powered some of the world’s most successful athletes and teams.


They have continued to raise their game and spread their passion for sport. Their devotion to sport has empowered their activities and challenged them to innovate with new technologies, cutting-edge fabrics and design solutions. They inspire, innovate, and expand into other sports, becoming the go-to supplier for Professionals.


DHB are proud to work with suppliers in the UK and internationally and strives to design, develop and manufacture products of the highest quality. Their ethical production values are integral and at the heart of everything they do. DHB operate a zero-tolerance approach to child labour, slavery and human trafficking within their business and supply chains. They partner with an independent audit team at The Reassurance Network (TRN) with specialists throughout Europe, Asia and Africa to help understand the risk, monitor performance and improve working and welfare conditions.


Thanks to Andark Diving & Watersports for provision of kit.




Jeremy @Fueler