The very talented Emma Gilmour from Dunedin, New Zealand, is now the first ever female on team McLaren XE.

News came out yesterday by a very humbled Emma who is “super excited and honoured to announce” that she has a “team drive in the 2022 Extreme E Series for the @mclarenxe team.” She is currently on team Veloce.

We got to meet her in Sardinia, Italy for the Island X-Prix and we couldn’t help but be caught in her good-nature and constant smile. Her experience as a rally driver mixed with her love of McLaren’s New Zealander history sure makes her the perfect fit for the new McLaren Xe team – bring on the electricity because this teams livery is nothing short of exciting.

The Hummer EV, hand painted by Vic Lee , features “Extreme Ink” in McLaren’s papaya orange and black detailing. “I wanted to create continuous flow across the entire body, linking the planet as one” explains Vic, “the car explores the 4 bios, Amazon, Ocean, Arctic and Desert.”

Emma Gilmour is teamed by motorsport powerhouse Tanner Foust for the 2022 Season for Extreme E Electric Odyssey. Catch more highlights direct at Extreme E and follow us on Instagram for more features and photography!


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