Furygan, the French motorcycle clothing brand, has a premium pair of gloves in their heated range.

The Heat X Kevlar gloves offer comfort, safety and much-needed warmth when riding during any season in Britain. Jeremy Webb got his hands on a pair to see how they held up on winter rides.


Tis the season to be wearing heated gloves. Although, as I stated, when riding motorcycles in Britain, you can face cold and wet days, whatever the season is. Over the past five or so years, motorcycle clothing manufacturers have been able to use rechargeable battery technology to incorporate this into their gloves, removing the requirement to run cables to power from the machine. It has opened up a whole new market for suppliers, and some bikers prefer to wear heated gloves than purchase heated grip options on their motorcycles.


One brand that has produced several rechargeable heated gloves is Furygan from France. Their top-of-the-range pair is the Heat X Kevlar, and although pricey, they provide superior quality and performance, along with some gadgetry I love.



The Heat X Kevlar is made from Goat leather, which means you get a supple glove yet resistant. Goat leather provides Superior protection while offering an unrivalled feel for the handlebars. You can wear these gloves all year; they are that cosy.


They feature three-layer laminated fabric that is waterproof and windproof without compromising on comfort. The gloves are flexible and breathable, promoting freedom of movement without compromising the rider’s protection and preserving body heat in all conditions. The palms are 100% leather providing strength and safety.



D3O® is a very soft material used on the Furygan Heat X Kevlar. The molecules lock in the event of an impact to absorb kinetic energy. This technology makes it possible to create soft, ergonomic, top-performing protectors for more security and comfort.





Furygan Heat X Kevlar features:


One touch feature is convenient as it allows you to control the temperature of both gloves by touching one—no need to press the button on both gloves. Once you press the button to turn the heat on, you get three options notified by the button’s colour.


Three stages of heat.

Green. 50%

Yellow. 70%

Red. 100%


Everything can connect to your smartphone, and the Furygan Heat X Kevlar gloves are no different. The Myfury connect app allows Bluetooth connection between your smartphone and the gloves. You can preset the temperature you want before you put the gloves on. The battery percentage and estimated time left are indicated so you know when to charge the gloves and how long you can ride with the heat on—a great innovation.


The material mix provides a superior comfort stage while offering high protection on the exposed zones during a crash.


Double tightening cuff.

Fit your gloves perfectly to your wrists and your jacket to ensure comfort and safety on every trip.



1-click mode.

Control both gloves via a single ergonomic and illuminated button, easily operated with one hand while riding.



Auto-regulation mode.

Thanks to a temperature sensor, the Heat X Kevlar® can regulate the temperature of your choice according to the instructions in the “MyFury Connect” application.


Smart Move mode.

Save your batteries by selecting one of the three automatic start and standby modes that will work in synchronisation with the accelerometer included in your gloves.


Heat indicator.

Readable at a glance via a configurable indicator light.


MyFury Connect compatible.

Access to an easy-to-use dashboard, program, control, refine and optimise your gloves thanks to the MyFury Connect app for IOS and Android.

12V compatible.


Thanks to the Furygan optional cable, you can connect your gloves to the 12V battery of your motorbike and always have heat without recharging your insertable batteries.


Furygan Sensitive Science insert.

An insert specifically developed to allow touch screen use (GPS, smartphones) without removing your gloves.


Waterproof and breathable insert.


Dual Lining.

Thanks to materials chosen for their insulation and breathability properties, the back and palm are differentiated to better respond to the specificities of riding in cold weather without affecting the feel of the handlebars.




The active 37.5® particles, permanently integrated into the weave, give our fabrics an extraordinary capacity to capture and clear humidity by acting with the body like a natural thermostat.



For the warmest clothing designed for motorcycling. ColdMaster® is the Furygan label for garments equipped with our best technologies, offering the highest performance against the cold.


Unique and exclusive heating system.

Double wire heating system embedded in a weave based on Kevlar® and carbon fibres, which conducts, channels and then homogenises heat diffusion on the whole glove’s surface.



Rivals to the Furygan Heat X Kevlar:

KeisAlpinestars, Gerbing.


The Furygan Heat X Kevlar gloves are a true game-changer for riding in any conditions. They are comfortable which is a most for riding, they hold their temperature over a couple of hours of riding, quick to charge and provide excellent safety to your hands. They also look awesome.







Jeremy @Fueler

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