Escalating fuel prices are hitting motorists hard, but there are options to help reduce your travel costs. Purchasing a car like the Honda CR-V, an electric Hybrid e:HEV can save you loads on fuel outlay. 


The Honda CR-V runs on an electric motor at speeds below 64 km/h, saving fuel costs and emissions. Regenerative braking puts electricity back into the battery, improving the range you get running on electric the more the brakes are applied, so ideal when using the CR-V in Urban environments. For an SUV, you will be pleasantly surprised with the economy; you get around 860 km on a full tank.


Honda CR-V has competitors from nearly all manufacturers as most now produce an SUV. In the large SUV sector, the CR-V takes on the Citroën C5 Aircross, Kia Sorento, Peugeot 5008, and Toyota RAV4. It holds its own with these providing you with a vehicle that drives well and copes with anything thrown at it.

Honda CR-V MMC // Credit Honda // Fueler Canada Magazine

The engine is a 2.0 i-MMD Hybrid that provides some good power, shifting you onto the national speed limit reasonably swiftly. It starts at $48000 for the base model with two-wheel drive. Handling and ride are good, and you never feel the car will lose grip even when pushed hard into corners. The suspension soaks up pretty much all but the harshest road surfaces, and if you do venture off-road, the amount of travel allows you to tackle troughs and trails.


The Heads Up Display is impressive but is only available on the Executive model, as is the wireless charging system. I would hope that these could become an option for the other versions in the future. You get a lot of technology even on the base car, mainly safety features such as airbags to protect front and rear occupants. SR models and up also get Blind Spot Information and Cross Traffic Monitoring. Further safety aids include an Intelligent Speed Limiter, Forward Collision Warning, Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), Lane Keep Assist, Lane Departure Warning, and Road Departure Mitigation.


The Honda CR-V is a comfortable SUV; front occupants have loads of room, and you will enjoy the supportive seats and high seating position. Passengers will find plenty of space in the back, but only seven-seat models get a sliding rear bench.


You buy a car for many reasons, but the main reason to purchase a mid-price ranged SUV is because, as the name suggests, it is a utility vehicle meaning it performs many functions for you. One would be carrying capabilities, and the Honda CR-V excels at this. The Honda has an adjustable boot floor to ease your loading and unloading of objects, and the back seats have a single-action folding mechanism to stow away without fuss. Boot volume is 497 litres, then put the rear seats flat, and the CR-V opens up to a true load-lugger with 1,697 litres.

Apart from the S trim, the infotainment system in the Honda CR-V models is ok as you get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on SE models and above. The 10.5 cm screen comes in all but the basic S version and sits reasonably low in the console’s centre, so you have to divert your eyes to glance at the information. The Driver’s cockpit and the front cabin area have been well thought out, and controls fall easily to hand. Some manually controlled climate control dials are available so you can get the temperature you want without faffing around on a touchscreen.


You will find the Honda CR-V e:HEV a comfortable car to drive and be in, and it offers you plenty of versatility. The driving position is good, with you sitting high up and having a great view of the road ahead. Performance and handling are good with a smooth gearbox and relatively rapid acceleration when the electric and petrol engine combine. The ample interior space is great for carrying passengers and all their luggage, and when you need to shift big loads, you can drop down the seats to get a good-sized cargo area.


The Honda CR-V comes with a decent five year/100,000km warranty and a reputation for reliability. A good choice for a family car offering plenty of flexibility.


Jeremy @Fueler

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