It is appropriate that I have found an enchanting tale of a new spirit this festive season. From Distillers, In the Welsh Wind comes a Three Grain Vodka that is deep and crisp and even.

It is the season to bring gifts, and I gift you a spirit I have come across from a small Welsh distillery which started with Gins and has expanded to producing other spirits, like their Three Grain Vodka.


The Three Grain Vodka came about through the vision of KWS, one of the largest seed producers in the world. They wanted their seeds to create a product for consumers, not their usual farming products. KWS’ Digital Innovation Team sought an authentic partner and found In The Welsh Wind was the perfect match for their aim.



The Three Grain Vodka now joins In the Welsh Wind’s other premium spirits, for which they have won awards. The Vodka officially launched on 18th November in Cardiff and marked another milestone in the company’s plan to expand its range further.

Each bottle has an AR (Augmented Reality) label to tell the story from seed to glass, as the two companies are incredibly proud of the Three Grain Vodka.


The Cardigan-based distillery In the Welsh Wind has not previously distilled Vodka, so the manufacture is a first, as is the Augmented Reality labelling developed by tech company Juice Immersive.


The Three Grain Vodka blends barley and rye supplied by KWS with a wheat-based spirit to create crystal-clear alcohol.

Ellen Wakelam, co-founder of In the Welsh Wind, said,

“It’s been a great journey bringing together barley and rye grown from KWS seed with our wheat-based spirit to create our Three Grain Vodka. The final product is smooth and rich. As a varietal vodka, the flavours of the barley and grain are present – as we wanted them to be. There’s a distinct rye finish, along with flavours of vanilla and cold ice cream on a warm crepe. It’s as good to sip neat as it is mixed into a cocktail or served long with a good quality tonic.”

Ellen continued,

“Bringing the story to life via our very first AR label is also incredible. We’re excited to have the opportunity to tell the story of the grain, from seed developed by KWS and nurtured by farmers, to a finished vodka. The label, which is artistically stunning, complements our other In the Welsh Wind products.”


Meredith Mendola, Operations Lead for KWS’ Digital Innovation Team, said,

“We could not pass up the opportunity to partner with an authentic bespoke spirits brand and a talented extended reality agency to show how our high-quality seeds become the products you enjoy.”


I found the Three Grain Vodka from In The Welsh Wind delicious and could detect vanilla which I adore. I usually mix my Vodka with straight orange juice, the standard Screwdriver, but this is superb neat as it is smooth on the palette.


$64 for 70cl bottle.

Jez @Fueler

Use Three Grain Vodka in a delicious cocktail (or two) in the link below.



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