I have had so much fun reviewing the new concept of Urban E-bikes. Thanks to MotoEbikes in Guildford, Surrey, I rode on the Issimo range from the famous motorcycle brand Fantic.

Fantic has three fabulous models to select from in the Issimo range. The bikes easily tackle urban obstacles like cobblestone streets, utility holes and rails and can also take on the muddy stuff.


The Issimo Fun & Urban models with 250W motors have an RRP of $4800 The Issimo 45 with 500w motor has an RRP of $5440. The bikes share design looks and features, but there are differences in range, speed, battery and specifications. The larger section wheels and a low centre of gravity mean the ISSIMO is safe and stable.



You have a choice of custom colour covers, with five transparent colours (Vivid Lime, Chili Pepper Red, Neon Orange, Island Blue, Violet) and five opaque (Jet Black, Silver, Outdoor Green, Rose Gold, White). The Issimo bikes are enhanced with superb components that are not just for show; they function. LED lights front and backlight your way and show others where you are. You get a Shock-absorbing fork that absorbs the irregularities and obstacles of the road. A Shimano gearbox integrates with the hub for smooth riding and the front and back disc brakes for pleasant use, whatever your riding style.


The bike’s frame is designed by Fantic and constructed with pressed aluminium intertwined tubes, providing the right compromise between safety and style. Strong but light, it gives practicality and manageability. Unique in the market, a Made in Italy pride.



As with all electric bikes, you get an App to connect with your machine. It allows you to manage and organise, quickly and easily, a lot of information about your ebike. It displays directly on your smartphone the speedometer, the vehicle’s status and the battery, satellite navigation and usage statistics, and the possibility to share the activity on Social Media.


The Issimo 45 in detail


Synonymous with stability and safety on any terrain due to its wheels with 20×4-inch Fat tyres and low centre of gravity, the new ISSIMO 45 is the S-Pedelec version of the ISSIMO. Fitted with a 500W Bafang M600 motor producing maximum torque of 120 Nm and a 600Wh battery, type-approved lights, a number plate holder, and a standard storage compartment. The transmission is continuous, with the ENVIOLO Heavy Duty integrated in the rear wheel hub.


For commuting, the ISSIMO 45 represents a new opportunity for getting about the city with complete freedom and respect for sustainable mobility. Guaranteed are excellent performance and autonomy of 50 kilometres with a standard battery or 100 kilometres with a second integrated battery available as an accessory



You get riding modes to select your preferred style of riding, with

Road, you can exploit the maximum speed of 40 kilometres/hour using only the accelerator (scooter), pedals with pedal assistance (S-Pedelec) or a combination of S-Pedelec and throttle. When you select  Hill, you engage maximum torque on the uphills. The ideal mode for harnessing the motor’s power on steep slopes at up to 20 kilometres/hour. It can be used as a scooter with the throttle, S-Pedelec as a powerful e-Bike, or even combine the two possibilities.


Zero” mode inhibits all assistance from the motor so that the vehicle can be used solely by pedalling, which is ideal when facing long downhill stretches or to save on battery consumption. Finally, Walk assist when walking with the vehicle.



This growing market of mobility sees competition from a few brands presently. The Cyrusher KommodaRad Expand 5, Cube Compact Hybrid 500.




Thanks to MotoEbikes of Guildford, Surrey, for loaning the bikes.



Jeremy @Fueler

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