From karting with her dad to her latest win at the British GP in Silverstone

Fabienne Wohlwend places P4 in the W Series and isn’t close to stopping!

Interview Below! Click the picture!


Fabienne Wohlwend gets up and shows me how long her blonde wavy hair is with a smile that lights up her face. Now 23, and with multiple podium wins she confesses that she is always happy to meet new people and eager to get them into the motorsport facing fever. Years back, a torn ACL had altered her decision to pursue skiing more competitively [than she already did] and into the professional cockpit instead.

Fear is not a topic of discussion with Fabienne, it’s more about how to honour the car and learn its capabilities, to be able to do better, go faster and win!

As a team member of the W Series and driver in the Ferrari Challenge, Wohlwend has her mind set and is unstoppable to reach her career goals. As I sat chatting with her. I got to feel her excitement and presence as an educated young woman thriving in her achievements. The W Series has opened up doors for women drivers to become more confident in their stance in Formula racing and their capabilities in what is mostly known as a “man’s sport.”

Speaking of sport, these drivers are athletes. They train hard, they train right and they train all the time.

I happily obliged to talk with Fabienne for a morning cup of coffee over Zoom. Her humble and down-to-earth nature shined across her mountainous range in Liechtenstein, to mine, the Rocky Mountains. Let’s hope Whistler can be fit into her busy schedule soon!