In the past few years, the electric vehicle market boomed beyond belief.

In fact, in 2020 alone companies like Tesla, Nio, Workhorse Group or Nikola went up more than 300% when compared to the previous year. This is a testament that the world is seeing the potential of electric vehicles, and car manufacturers are taking notice. 

Can electric supercars become a thing?

The only downside with electric vehicles is that you rely on a battery, so you are limited to a certain amount of km before your vehicle stops. While this is ok for regular vehicles, the problem here is that supercars need a lot of power and they are fast, so they can easily have a low battery level within an hour or two. 

That’s why we might not be ready to have electric supercars as daily drivers. In order to do that, we still need to improve the batteries so they can hold more power for your trips around town and [if the truck allows] grocery trips. The interesting thing is that companies like Tesla or Workhorse Group are constantly focused on extending the battery life. While the progress has been slow, there’s definitely some progress, and that alone is extremely important. 


Should you buy an electric vehicle?

There are many reasons why you want to purchase an electric vehicle. For starters, it’s cheaper to run, since the electricity costs are lower than petrol costs. That alone makes it easy for you to just buy an EV and just enjoy the experience without worrying about the costs.


Moreover, an electric vehicle has less moving parts when compared to a diesel or petrol based car. You get a lot more efficiency and value here, and it really helps push the boundaries in more ways than you would ever imagine. To make things even better, there’s less air pollution, and you get to invest in renewable energy. You will use eco-friendly materials too, instead of dealing with pollutants. This really helps protect the environment, and you also have better safety.


You will notice most electric vehicles have a lot of technology embedded in them, way more than other types of vehicles. This helps bring in a lot of value and power for the user, while also increasing safety. It’s important to note that some of the electric vehicles are toying with the idea of self-driving, bringing in some interesting features to the table. So yes, this type of vehicles are also full of innovation, unlike petrol based cars which tend to maintain a common design and feature set.


There are a variety of electric vehicles on the market right now, with a great battery life and with a lot of extraordinary technologies. This really goes to show the unique value and quality brought to the table, and results are impressive. It’s certainly not the time to have an electric supercar, but we will get there eventually. If you want to buy an electric vehicle for day to day use, then this is definitely the right time to do it, and you can get a wonderful return on investment!