The latest Kia Sportage has so much technology on board that you could think you were in the cockpit of a fighter plane. But nothing superfluous has been added; it is to keep you and the car’s occupants safe and then entertained. Jeremy got one for the weekend from Fine Cars Kia of Lee on Solent and spent plenty of time behind the wheel.


The all-new Kia Sportage has four models within the range and several powertrain choices, so you will find one to suit your driving style and requirements. I drove the Hybrid GT-Line, which starts at $48000

2023 Kia Sportage // Photos Kia // Fueler Canada Magazine

It is a mid-sized SUV competing with the Nissan Qashqai Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq so it has to stand out to grab sales. Kia has undoubtedly put a lot into the new Sportage externally, internally and with the engine performance.

The 2023 Sportage comes with a 10cm Supervision Colour Cluster Display and a 27cm Display with Navigation for Drivers and passengers to see everything. Your journeys will be comfortable with Quilt Leather Suede Seats and Driver Lumbar Support. You have all information ideally located, and the ergonomic layout of the cabin means you can operate all controls comfortably and efficiently.

Interior space is ample for what is considered a small SUV, and even when all three rear seats are occupied, the passengers are not squashed in. They all had good legroom, and the seats were as comfortable as the front two. You get 93 centimetres of boot length, so around 3 feet in old money, plenty for shopping, sports kit or in my case some tree saplings.


For efficiency, which we are all seeking, mainly due to recent fuel costs increasing, the Sportage model I drove has engine cut off when static, and due to its hybrid power below 80 Km/H, the car runs on electric power. Superb for urban driving and meant for the entire time I had the Sportage; I never visited a fuel station even though I racked up around 460 Km. Depending on the model you choose, there are several powertrains available.

2023 Kia Sportage // Photos Kia // Fueler Canada Magazine

Petrol / Diesel

  • 1.6 Turbocharged Petrol or 1.6 Diesel engines
  • 2WD Manual
  • 113 – 148 bhp


Mild Hybrid

  • 1.6 Turbocharged Petrol or 1.6 Diesel engines
  • All-wheel drive or 2WD
  • 7-speed DCT Automatic
  • Battery capacity: 48V
  • 134 or 148 bhp


Hybrid Electric

  • 1.6 Turbocharged Petrol engine
  • All-wheel drive or 2WD
  • 6-speed automatic
  • 1.49 kWh battery
  • Combined 226 bhp

2023 Kia Sportage // Photos Kia // Fueler Canada Magazine

The Sportage has several driving Modes, so choose the right one for your mood and style. The selections are Comfort, Eco and Sport Mode, with the system adjusting traction control, steering and pedal response for the optimum drive dynamic. You’ll always feel in control, whatever the conditions. With maximum driving enjoyment guaranteed.


Technology on the new model includes the Engine Start/Stop Button with Smart Entry System, Smart Cruise Control and many safety features, including FCA (Junction) and Lane Follow Assist (LFA). FCA is Forward Collision Avoidance which gives you added assistance when turning at junctions and checking the road you are entering. Lane Follow Assist warns you if you move to change lanes without indicating, helping prevent unintentional straying.

2023 Kia Sportage // Photos Kia // Fueler Canada Magazine

One safety feature out of the many on the car I have to shout about is the initiative Blind Spot View Monitor system. When you indicate to change lanes or do any manoeuvre, the driver display turns into a monitor showing you along, and behind the car, on the side you are indicating. So click on the left indicator, and a clear camera view of the left side of the vehicle is displayed to augment your view in the door mirrors. For gadgets freaks like me, it is fantastic.


My family that went out in the Sportage were impressed with the premium feel and look of the interior and exterior, plus all the technology and features that make journeys relaxed and comfortable. I liked the performance, fuel economy and handling and loved the technology. We all enjoyed our trips in the vehicle, so if you are looking for an SUV, check out the new Kia Sportage.



Other models in the range are Kia Sportage 2, Sportage 3 and Sportage 4.


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