Built in late 1897, the Dhinsa family took over Kings Head Inn in 1973, changed it to Kings Head Public House and in brought many to rejoice over a pint of beer and cozy pub food; Over 125 years later, regulars keep this place bumpin’, just with a different sonata.

This isn’t your fu-fu fine dining restaurant, nor should it be. I’m expecting big juicy burgers, steak frites, large beers, loaded nachos and deserts that don’t make sense. And this family-run business does just this.


I’m going to level with you here, this might be one of Vancouver’s hidden gems for a real good time. Although a Kitsilano staple, the pub is grateful for its regulars year-round to keep the joint alive, same as it was in 19…73. During the summer months the Kings Head is packed, getting a table inside or on their outside patio is near impossible, however, during their winter months the beaches are not littered with vacationers so the pub gets less busy. What I’m trying to say is, during Kits Beach off-season The Kings Head Public House might be a good spot to come if you don’t want to be seen or who you are seen with dining with, on one of their many levels.



Rana Dhinsa and Gagan Dhinsa, father and son, tamper with traditional pub favourites by sprinkling a little  je ne sais quoi (Indian flavours) to the menu. That being said, appies like nachos, parmesan truffle fries, chicken fingers and roasted cauliflower are right there on the menu alongside the veggie samosas (hugely popular), butter chicken, tandoori chicken sandwiches and shepherd’s pies; As promised, a deep-fried Mars Bar for dessert.


There’s something so perfectly imperfect about this bar it gives me a headache. Once finally decided on dinner from a menu featuring food from nine different countries, I had a big sip from an utterly delicious Amaretto Sour made (by Gagan himself). That’s right, an Amaretto Sour served in a coupe with perfect froth and just the right amount of spirit to lemon ratio, made better than a fancy restaurant I was the night before.



The Peasant Burger, one of the Kings Head most popular dishes, is a big drippy burger stacked with layers of tomatoes, lettuce, onion and their house-made beef patty. Lettuce has been the talk of the town lately, with a head being a good $7, “If you notice we haven’t raised our prices by much for years, you can still get a full meal here for under $20 easily,” said Gagan.


The pub cooks up delicious meals with food from local grocers, butchers and farmers. “We believe in needing to give back to our community too. Our vendors understand this so we all support each other the best way possible,” said Gagan.



All jokes aside, there’s a reason behind so many different food options available on their menu. Gagan was born and raised in Germany (of Indian decent) before coming to Canada. The family wanted to honour their heritage and also treasure keeping classic pub favourites on the menu.

Customers are greeted through a Miami teal painted large wood door (dark brown on the inside to match the pub’s all-brown interior), welcome to sit as you please.


The Kings Head has seven landings to choose from! (Now you understand why this is a great hide-away bar?). Gagan likes to say there are three floors. True. But on 7 levels. The Elizabeth Age, or “the golden age” took place when Shakespeare was still writing plays and if I have one too many Mango Tango’s I just might think he’ll pop out behind one of the long beams supporting the place. Thinking about his slacks with a Guinness makes me giggle.



SCENE IV. The Boar’s-Head Tavern, Eastcheap.


I do not
speak to thee in drink but in tears, not in
pleasure but in passion, not in words only, but in
woes also: and yet there is a virtuous man whom I
have often noted in thy company, but I know not his name.


If Shakespeare is not up your alley though, Tuesday nights have now been reserved for amateur comedy nights in the Tudor-style building, with no promises that heads won’t be cut off – I mean boo’ed off stage – if the crowd just ain’t feeling it. Speed Dating, Paint Nite, Live Music; This pub is just too much to absorb in one night, so that’s exactly why we can’t wait to come back tomorrow. If you slip inside tonight, make sure you buy a shot for the Birthday Boy Gagan!



Bring your date to 1618 Yew for Valentines, you won’t forget it!

Open 7 days a week, Fri/Sat till 2am.



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