Even before Lando gets to track he has already had a slam dunk with fans and press alike. This unique helmet design by MDM Designs puts him right on top of news, but is it enough for a podium finish?

As we build up to an exciting debut Formula One Grand Prix in Miami this weekend, there is one question on the lips of every McLaren fan – Does Lando Norris have a chance?

It was a tough start to the season all the way through practice, qualifying, and race day for McLaren in Bahrain. Both Lando and Ricciardo struggled to get anything out of the car following the introductions of new rules and regulations, which was especially disheartening considering the progress the team made over the previous campaign.


However, ever since that fateful opening race, Lando Norris has been trending upwards in terms of both performance and finishes. So far this season, the young Brit has qualified 13th in Bahrain, 11th in Saudi Arabia, then 4th and 5th respectively in Australia and Imola. When it comes to actual race finishes, he has improved every single week, moving from 15th to 7th to 5th to 3rd. This trend of improving by two places over the past three races would tend to point towards a champagne moment for Lando this time around…

While we have not seen this debut Miami track in action before, it is said to be similar to Melbourne’s Albert Park and delivers a street circuit vibe. Well, Lando just qualified 4th and finished 5th in Albert Park three weeks ago. Lando also performed well in some of the most famous street circuits last season, picking up 3rd and 5th around Monaco and Baku respectively.

Everything seems to be pointing toward an exciting weekend for Lando! Watch F1 this weekend in Canada on:



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