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Maserati has always made its best effort to stay on top with its marvelous cars. A few days ago, Maserati revealed its beautiful racing-inspired MC20 (MC short for Maserati Corse) super sports car. The new supercar is built around a carbon fiber chassis, and it is equipped with an entirely new Maserati ‘Nettuno’ engine (3.0-liter) paired with patented Formula 1 technology called ‘pre-chamber combustion’. This technology allows the car to produce 630hp and 730nm torque − hold on to that toupé! This V6 engine allows the MC20 to achieve top speed of 325 km/h. Moreover, the car can accelerate 0 to 60 in 2.9 seconds.

What is more surprising is the weight of the car that is just over 1400kg. Other than that, the car is fitted with carbon ceramic brakes and double wishbone suspension all over. Furthermore, the new car features a super-fast shifting twin-clutch gearbox that gives a whole new world of experience with versatile performance. 

Speaking about the aesthetics of the car, Maserati has brilliantly crafted the MC20 body, while maintaining its iconic design language. The breathtaking curves, and striking aerodynamics channeling air underneath is all that contribute towards its heart-racing performance.

The front of the car looks aggressive, yet strikingly awesome. Why? “It’s what’s inside that matters too,” She said. The whole car is built almost entirely around a carbon fiber container that keeps the car lighter to provide an agile driving experience and this is admirable compared to other Maserati models that certainly don’t let you think about fine details or driving aerodynamics.

The chassis of MC20 is designed to support three versions.  First, coupe; Other a retractable hardtop; and the third an electric aiming to make space for batteries in the same layout. 

Giving a closer look at its design, you will spot other signature Maserati details such as:

  • Extremely sharp headlamps and LED tail-lights
  • Muscular fenders
  • Sharp contours/creases
  • Iconic trident at front
  • Carbon fiber at rear diffuser and bumper 

At a glance, one can notice that the 2020 MC20 has been exquisitely designed to leave a lasting impression on sports car enthusiasts. For personalization, Maserati gives you the option to choose your MC20 in 6 GORGEOUS exterior colors.

  • Nero Enigma
  • Rosso Vincente
  • Grigio Mistero
  • Giallo Genio
  • Bianco Audace
  • Blu Infinito

Maserati aims to make the driving experience delightful by offering a luxurious cabin featuring the Carbon Fibre central tunnel at the precious mechanical drive mode selector inspired by luxury watches. The interior of MC20comes with the choice of the finest leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre for racing minimalism with the distinctive Maserati luxury touch.
Each meter of Alcantara is manufactured in the Nera Montoro plant in the Umbrian hills and then exported worldwide, reinforcing Alcantara’s status as an expert in authentic Italian quality, capable of applying cutting edge technology with a focus on detail.

Tune in to your favourite jams and listen through crisp clear sound from an Sonus Faber High-Premium Audio System.

Maserati MC20 will be available early toward the third or fourth quarter of 2021, he starting price for this sports car will be around $277,000.

Photos: Maserati