Ovaobike’s Models Excite And Entertain

Taiwanese Motorcycle manufacturer Ovaobike manufactures electric motorcycles labelled MCRs. The initials stand for Mini City Racer, and three models are in this range. Thanks to a dedicated electric motorcycle dealer in Guildford, Surrey, I have been fortunate to ride them.


My first experience of seeing the MCR electric motorcycles from Ovaobike was awe. All three models look fantastic, futuristic and fast. The brand is not stopping with the MCR range, and for 2023 they will launch an MX Motorcross bike and another Road machine. I will be reviewing these two early in the new year.




Back to the MCR models, I will start with the MCR-H stands for Hub Motor.

The MCR-H has an Avant-garde gene and a simple, clean appearance. The ergonomic layout makes an ideal riding position comfortable with its cushioned saddle and great suspension.


The MCR-H carries one battery, providing powerful performance and a 106 Km / 68-mile riding range per charge. Although the top speed is 100 Km / 60 mph, the acceleration makes you smile whenever you wind the throttle open. Perfect for daily urban commuting and weekend entertainment.


Colours: Azure Blue / Volcanic Red / Jungle green



Top Speed   100 Km 60 mph

Range Urban         108 Km 68 miles

Range Open Road 66 Km 42 miles

Range Mixed        88 Km 55 miles




Type  Rear Hub Motor

Continuous Power 7kW

Peak Power  9.1kW

Peak Torque 215nm



Battery Capacity    67Ah / 4.8kWh

Charge System      1.2kW Onboard Charger

Charge Time         3 hours 0-100%


Price  $ 15,800  / £9,250







MCR-M stands for Mid Motor as the motor is positioned in the middle of the machine. You get a Dual battery system housed within a sporty, finely crafted body.


The MCR-M has 32 cm / 14-inch wheels, a catchy LCD display and extra storage space. Instead of having gears, your left foot controls the regenerative braking system, which puts energy back into the battery extending the range you get. In everyday riding, you can get 224 Km / 140 miles riding range per charge; this equates to plenty of daily commuting or leisure riding. The dual batteries boost you up to a top speed of 128 Km / 80 mph



Colours: Volcanic Red / Jungle green / Azure Blue / Lightning Gold



Top Speed   128 Km / 80 mph

Range Urban         224 Km / 140 miles

Range Open Road 112 Km / 70 miles

Range Mixed        157 Km / 95 miles



Type  Mid Frame Motor

Continuous Power 11kW

Peak Power  17kW

Peak Torque 279nm



Battery Capacity    134Ah / 9.6kWh

Charge System      1.2kW Onboard Charger

Charge Time         3 hours 0-100%


Price   $20,000  / £12,650




Top of the MCR range is the S standing for single seat, and this is an out-and-out sports bike. Built for performance, the acceleration is blistering, so you beam with delight on every ride. The top speed is 150 Km / 90 mph which is plenty to get your adrenaline flowing.

The design language of the MCR-S emphasizes the joy of solitary riding. It has 32 cm / 14″ wheels, an LCD display and a 16.6L storage space.


As with the MCR-M, you use your left foot to work the regenerative braking system. You choose the MCR-S as a lifestyle and for individuality.


Colours: Eternal White / Aurora Blue / Lightning Gold



Top Speed   150 Km / 90 mph

Range Urban         208 Km / 130 miles

Range Open Road 108 Km / 65 miles

Range Mixed        158km / 95 miles



Type  Mid Frame Motor

Continuous Power 11kW

Peak Power  22kW

Peak Torque 381nm



Battery Capacity    67Ah / 9.6kWh

Charge System      1.2kW Onboard Charger

Charge Time         5.5 hours 0-100%


Price $21,680 / £13,550




Competition in the electric motorcycle market is growing, with bikes similar to the Ovaobike models coming from Horwin, Surron,  and Cake.


Thanks to Motoebikes of Guildford, Surrey, for supplying the bikes for reviewing.



Jez @Fueler