Run by an excited group of volunteers, Girls on Track UK visit Allianz Village for the ABB Formula E London E-Prix to meet fans and educate new aspiring young racers.

A strong combination of youthful excitement and the stability of a motorsport program is the focus for the new project Girls on Track: a fuse between FIA and Motorsport UK alongside Susie Wolff’s ‘Dare to be Different‘ initiative.

We caught three young girls for a moment between the fun in Allianz E-Village held at the ExCeL London.

António Félix / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / Fueler Canada Magazine

António Félix / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / Fueler Canada Magazine



Chloe French, 13 years old from London has been racing for 3 years. Celebrating her wins with some cookie dough ice cream, we want to know where and how she see racing in her life… of course, not including driving in her very green car.


Fueler: Do you remember your first behind the wheel?

Chloe French: Yes. I crashed a lot. I think once I crashed into the wall, that wasn’t very nice. I was pressing on the wrong one and I was full pelting into the wall. So, the thing was okay, just a little scratched!

Fueler: Now that you’ve got 3 years under your belt, you must have some tips and tricks. Can you share some us?

Chloe French: Well, for others that want to do racing, I’d say, if you want to be the best, I’d say just slow down most of it. It doesn’t always matter about the winning. On the turns, if you really think you need to slow down, just slow down. For example, one of the turns on the actual track, I had to slow down many times just to do the full turn. So, I’d say slow down every time you need to or when you think you need to, it doesn’t matter about the winning.

Fueler: What’s your favorite track?

Chloe French: So far, I don’t remember the name of it, but it was a big track. It was about the same size of this place, maybe a little bigger. I’d say that was my favorite park. I can’t remember the name, but it was somewhere near here. And I liked that one because it was bigger so it was easier to get around. That one’s quite small, so it’s harder to turn.

Fueler: Do you like more turns or do you like more straights?

Chloe French: I like the straights better because the turns are quite hard, especially when the breaks are quite stiff. So, I like the straight lines better.

Fueler: What do you aspire to be?

Chloe French: Well, I’ve been wanting to be a racer, but then again, I’ve also had zoo vet on my mind because I’ve always loved animals. I’ve always loved thinking about how they grow up and that they’re smart in their own way. So, I’ve always wanted to be a zoo vet, but a racer is also something I love.


Nicki Shields / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / July 30, 2022 / Photo by Nina Stamenova / Fueler Canada Magazine

A very polite young lady of 11, Elizabeth Abass, gave us a moment to share her thoughts on why she loves racing. Her passions, speed and sparkly make-up, Elizabeth enjoys driving her go-kart and dreams of mixing business and pleasure. Catch her if you can!


Fueler: Tell us about the first time you went on track.

Elizabeth: My first time, I was really scared because I didn’t expect to get to there. But when I did it, I was really happy and it was really exciting. And I found it really enjoying.

Fueler: Do you remember how fast you went?

Elizabeth: Probably like forty.

Fueler: Do you have any siblings and are they into racing like you?

Elizabeth: Yeah, I do. I’ve got one little sister and two younger brothers. One of my younger brothers is into to racing. But my other younger brother, he does like racing, but he doesn’t do much.

Fueler: Time to lead the family into motorsport then! What are your dreams and aspirations.

Elizabeth: I want to start my own company when I start gaining money and stuff like that. I think I’m going to go into business in university. And anything business type is kind of what I like. I’m kind of into makeup, clothes, designing shoes and things like that. I started one year ago, but then I kind of stopped for a bit and then started again like two weeks ago.

Fueler: That’s brilliant. Starting again now, a year later, are you going any faster?

Elizabeth: I’m kind of staying in the same speed, but I am going… I’m getting faster.


Girls On Track UK / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / July 30, 2022 / Photo by Nina Stamenova / Fueler Canada Magazine

Girls On Track UK / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / July 30, 2022 / Photo by Nina Stamenova / Fueler Canada Magazine


Last but certainly not least we had a chat with 9 year old Leah Jean-Francoise, just coming into racing and on her second day! … of a life-long career in her hot red formula car?


Fueler: Hi Leah, what’s it like being behind the wheel?

Leah: Oh, but lovely. The first time I went to a place where they would go-cart, and then there was a competition, I came second place! But someone turned and they hit my car. So I just veered.

Fueler: What driver are you most looking forward to meet?

Leah: I don’t know. They are all exciting to me! Everyone!

Fueler: All different and talented drivers.  How fast have you driven the last two days.

Leah: Probably like 30, yesterday when I was driving I was drifting too.

Fueler: And apart from racing, what else do you love

Leah: Probably singing and dancing.




Good luck girls. Whatever song you groove to, dance to, or drive to, remember to follow your feet – this case, on the pedals!

Girls on Track offers girls aged 8-18 a unique opportunity to participate in our free Girls on Track events. The goal of the program is to inspire and encourage an interest in STEM subjects and industries amongst school girls, with the aim of increasing female participation in these sectors, using motorsport as a medium to expose them to the incredible opportunities and career paths within the sport.

To find out more about how your school can get involved, email [email protected].


Girls on Track UK / ABB Formula E London E-Prix / July 30, 2022 / Photo by Nina Stamenova / Fueler Canada Magazine