Royal Enfield Scram 411 Takes On Trails & Tarmac

Royal Enfield, the iconic name in motorcycling, has launched the Scram 411 for owners to take on the trails. Jeremy Webb takes the bike around West Sussex and Hampshire, tackling tarmac and dirt to test its abilities.


Royal Enfield enthusiasts have had the Himalayan Adventure bike to choose from for off-road riding, but although it is a capable machine, it is mainly for road use or some green laning and dry trails. The Scrambler market is booming, and Royal Enfield, like most other brands, has produced their model. The Scram 411 has the Royal Enfield Adventure bike DNA but a unique character.

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 will allow owners to ride the bike on the road to an off-road area or lane, have a blast getting some dirt on their face and be able to ride home. All this without the bother of hitching up a trailer and having to take a car.


Riding the Scram 411, you always feel in control as the power delivery is smooth, which is excellent both on and off-road. The LS410 engine is the same as on the Himalayan, so it has been tried and tested. Delivering 24 BHP produces enough power to get you up to motorway speeds and stay there all day if needed. When you want to hit the trails, the five-speed gearbox with the engine is capable of beating up the berms and moving through the mud. As the tyres are dual purpose and not full knobblies, traction will be hampered if the earth gets deep and wet.


Aiding the handling of the Scram 411 is the size of the tyres, which are 47.5 cm FRONT AND 42.5 cm REAR WHEEL. The riding position feels low compared to the Himalayan Adventure, but that is an advantage for Scrambling. You get added safety with the low 795 mm seat height so you can plant both feet firmly on the ground, whatever that surface maybe.

As I mentioned, the beauty of the Scram 411 is that you can ride it on the road to enjoy some off-roading and then ride it home. It comes with a 15-litre fuel tank, meaning you get around 288 Km of riding.


The speedo looks classic old-school Scrambler and is simple to read, having all relevant information displayed. A small LCD shows gear number and fuel status, and then there is a small round display next to the speedo, which is the Royal Enfield Tripper Navigation. The system connects to your smartphone to give you directions through the display to where you have planned a route.



Summing up.


Royal Enfield has launched the Scram 411 as an option for buying a Himalayan for people that want to venture on trails but don’t want a full-on adventure bike. It will allow you to easily take on trails as it comes with dual-use tyres, excellent suspension travel, and it is light and agile. If you ride one, you will love it and enjoy many enjoyable riding hours.


I always felt in control of the Scram 411, it is sure-footed, and the power is manageable. It looks great and performs flawlessly. The low seat height gives you the confidence to get both feet down if you come across a tricky trail or deep pothole.


Inexpensive servicing costs combined with excellent fuel economy mean low running costs. Expect to pay around $160 every 4800 Km for a service.





Thanks to CMW Motorcycles of Chichester for the loan of the

Royal Enfield Scram 411 and go to CMW TV on Youtube to watch

my review of the Scram 411 Vs the Himalayan Adventure.


Seven colours are available to choose from.

The Royal Enfield Scram 411 is $7360 or $7520 for gloss colours



The Scram 411 will sell well; if you buy one, you will love it.

Thanks to CMW of Chichester for the loan of the Scram 411.


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