Silence UK launched their range of electric e-moto scooters in the UK in 2021. I was one of the first fortunate Journalists to throw my leg over the Spanish made S01 model. Here are my thoughts on it.


Well, I had a blissfully quiet week with the S01 e-moto scooter from Silence. An electric scooter perfect for all travel requirements. This is not one you stand on; this is like a Vespa or what we call moped that we see whizzing noisily around towns. But and a big but is the S01 is silent and turns heads for all the right reasons and not the annoying buzzing of an over-revved engine.


The S01 is the equivalent of a 125cc bike, which means you have plenty of power to get you around town and can ride on motorways if you have a full motorbike licence. The maximum speed in sport mode is 60 ish mph, and I say ish because it does depend on wind conditions, temperature and if you are on a flat piece of road. These would be factors that affect a standard petrol 125cc, so they are not negative factors. I think the S01 is a capable machine and does precisely what is required of this type of machine. It is practical, efficient and above all lots of fun. Many positives are going for it rather than negatives and are proof that electric scooters have their place in mobility.


The S01 is incredibly agile, so you can throw it around in corners, around roundabouts and nip in and out of stationary traffic. Handling at speed is tremendous, with the scooter holding its path well and allowing for safe, confident cornering. I have an issue with it at low speed where the front feels heavy and hampers manoeuvrability. I think the front wheel is too wide, although this gives a comfortable ride. Also offering a good deal of protection gliding over the numerous potholes found on British roads. However, it impacts agility. My suggestion would be a narrower front wheel, but then the ride might feel harsher, and if you hit a pothole, it could throw the steering. So the benefits of the wider tyre probably outweigh the minor handling issue.

Silence Scooters, Urban Ecomobility

The Silence range has ultra-low running costs for their e-moto scooters with a few pence per mile, meaning they make an excellent alternative to using public transport or conventional powered vehicles. Riding an e-moto scooter also gets you from A to B directly compared to using public transport. Leave your residence, jump on the e-moto scooter, and you are off—no walking to a train station or waiting for a bus.


Underseat space is ample, allowing two helmets to be securely stowed, plenty of shopping, and even delivering goods if required. Silence tested this, placing twelve bottles of wine in the compartment. More practical applications, as if there are, would be carrying a work bag or sports kit. Also, a good quality chain to secure your machine when parked.




As with most modern bikes, the S01 can be connected to an App on a smartphone. From the Silence App, you can control security and gain information on the status of your scooter. Find your scooter is a feature where you can see precisely where your scooter is at all times, so you can track its location in the unfortunate event of it being stolen.


Plan your route through the App by putting in your destination and connecting with your scooter. It will create the best way, giving you information on estimated time and miles to make sure the battery charge is optimal to get you where you’re going. The owner can check the status of the scooter and battery; they can see the SoC (state of charge) for the battery and get alerts on the vehicle’s temperature and other essential elements, any time.

Silence Scooters, Urban Ecomobility



Silence has put a lot of thought into their batteries and the charging process. The company has addressed the problem of locating a convenient location to charge the machine. The battery is removable with a patented ‘click-and-go portable system. When you unlock the battery and slide it away from the frame, wheels drop to take the weight, and a carry handle extends. This allows you to pull the battery to where you can plug it in for charging.


The superb system enables charging anywhere a standard electric socket is located, like your workplace, college or apartment. Removing the battery also adds security as the machine is unusable without it. You can buy spare batteries, and two types are available. A 2kWh is equivalent to 50cc machines, and the one fitted in the S01, the 5.6 kWh is 125cc equivalent. Both come with a Three-year warranty.




Silence has thought of what owners may want to add to their machines to increase enjoyment and functionality. For the S01, you can buy a larger front screen to increase wind protection. Rear boxes are available to fit and augment the storage capacity. There are also brand design helmets that look superb.


Silence Scooters, Urban Ecomobility


There are four models in the Silence line-up, price depends on battery size and motor power.


The entry-level, 2kWh Silence S02 LS ($3500) sits in the popular 50cc band for younger riders, the more budget-conscious and more occasional use. It has a top speed of 30 mph and a WMTC range of 35 miles.


The 5.6kWh Silence S02 LS Long Range ($4250) supports last-mile multi-drop fleets, giving an extended WMTC range of up to 91 miles and a top speed limited to 30mph.


The Silence S02 ($7520) has the same 5.6kWh battery but a larger 7kW motor (9kW peak), making it ideal for professional courier services and urban business use. Top speed is limited to 62 mph. WMTC range is 80 miles.


The flagship Silence S01 ($8000) is the commuters’ choice, with a 5.6kWh battery, 7kW motor (9kW peak), top speed limited to 100 km/h and WMTC range of 126 Km. It’s already proving hugely popular with eco and style-conscious travellers across Europe


The electric scooter market is booming with Kymco and their new Super 8 R 


NIU range of electric scooters, and even Seat the car manufacturer launching their Mo named scooter.


I was reluctant to hand the keys back to Henry from Silence UK when he came to collect the S01. It put a smile on my face reminding me why I love to ride two-wheeled machines. The e-moto scooters can offer a solution to your mobility needs as an addition to a car. Using one for commutes to work will save you money over using public transport, and it keeps you from crowds of people. The S01 delivers on what Silence says about their e-moto scooter, and I would highly recommend one.

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