Small-capacity motorcycles and scooters offer many benefits, and I believe they can help solve the congestion and emissions issues we are currently facing.

In urban environments, they are ideal and so practical. As Vespa did post-war, when people could not afford a car and materials were scarce, they created the scooter, which boomed in popularity.



I was handed the keys to a Sinnis Connect, a modern scooter with a 125 capacity. After doing a CBT, it can be ridden by over 17s on a provisional licence.


When an individual needs to travel a short journey around town and not need to carry much, a scooter makes the perfect solution for shopping, commuting or riding to a sports event. You can nip through the traffic with a smile as drivers get frustrated sitting in their cars.


The Sinnis Connect blends modern styling with the ultra-reliable air-cooled petrol engine offering excellent economy and good performance. The riding position is upright, and there is plenty of space on the seat for two if needed. The saddle is comfortable, and there is storage for a small helmet or bits and pieces. You can add a top box for extra practicality, which is always helpful.



The scooter is light and agile, perfect for beginners and experienced riders, allowing buzzing through traffic. The acceleration up to around 64 Km/H is relatively brisk, and you can gradually reach a top speed of 100 Km/H


Power is direct with no gears, so twist and go and even opening the throttle fully won’t get you in difficulty, again ideal for Learners. However hard you ride the Sinnis Connect, the average mileage you will get is around 160 Km/G which is a lot of riding for a scooter.


The digital display is large, clear and, colourful, simple to read while riding. It provides all the required information a rider needs, allowing them to focus on the road ahead.



Both front and rear brakes are single discs and work efficiently, slowing the Connect in a controlled manner.


In the 125cc scooter market, most buyers want savings and the best deal rather than brand status. The Sinnis Connect meets these requirements, coming in cheaper than the rivals mentioned below yet providing similar performance.



At $4800  the Connect 125 competes with many models:

Honda’s SH125Yamaha’s 125cc, Kymco Agility.



Summing up


Power comes in smoothly and surprisingly quickly for the 125cc engine. It isn’t going to burn rubber at the lights, but for most users, it will be sufficient to get them to 100 Km/H.


Super impressed with the braking and felt confident applying the rear brake from the lefthand lever without any skidding.

It is practical, inexpensive to buy and run, and worth a test ride if you want a scooter.


The more I ride small-capacity motorcycles and scooters, the more I believe we do not need to condemn Internal Combustion Engine to the scrapyards. They offer excellent economy in purchasing, maintaining and the mileage you get. Combine these benefits, and it beats buying a more expensive electric machine that provides less range and is now costing more. While the planet has fossil fuel reserves, why stop using them and riding motorcycles and scooters?



Comes in:

Metallic Slate Blue

Metallic Ultra White


2 Year Warranty Covering Parts and 1 Year Labour & Breakdown

$4800 on the road.



Jeremy @Fueler

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