Skoda’s excellent Enyaq Coupe iV vRS fully electric car follows in the outstanding tyre tracks of the SUV sharing the same name.

The Enyaq SUV is a fabulous car, so it sets a high benchmark for other electric vehicles, but Skoda always aims to improve through development. Let us climb in the Coupe iV vRS to cruise the south coast.



The vRS is the top vehicle in the COUPÉ range, with three models below it. They are the iV 80, iV 80 Sportline Plus, and iV 80x Sportline Plus.


As with any electric vehicle, people want to know the range of the car ahead of any other detail, so let me get this out of the way for you. The Enyaq iV Coupe vRS in ideal conditions gives you a maximum range of 480 Km which is massive, and when you combine this with rapid DC charging, you can get 80% charge in 38 minutes. So you can pretty much travel anywhere now.



The vRS is the performance model and delivers a maximum of 295bhp when using the Overboost function. The 77kWh battery powers the dual motors with 107bhp to the front wheels and 188bhp to the rear. You get rapid acceleration in most driving modes but feel the difference when Sport is engaged. It provides a thrilling drive if you want, and I did. I engaged Sport Mode most of my journeys as I was not watching the range, just the road ahead and enjoying the adrenaline boost. When you combine performance with decent handling, you can tackle the country A and B roads at pace with confidence.



In Normal mode, the suspension softens but is still capable of good grip even at pace. You also have brisk performance still, although with slightly slower acceleration and less noise.


Interior design and fittings are sleek, sporty and ergonomic. An elevated driving position provides superb all-around views, and from the driver’s seat, you can easily reach all the buttons, switches, and touchscreen display. The Enyaq’s 12.5 cm digital instrument panel, as does the superb HUD system, shows you the most relevant information. You get front seats with electric adjustment, including lumbar support, and you can save your settings. You get plenty of side support when powering through the twisties, keeping you tightly in place.




Front and rear parking sensors and a rear-view camera are standard, as do plenty of other systems to assist you. A raft of safety features such as lane assist, Driver Alert, and Blind Spot detection help keep all occupants protected.


For infotainment, there is a 32 cm touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard, packed with features, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring, and most icons are prominent and easy to touch. Loads of headroom provide a pleasant place to relax and enjoy journeys. Everyone gets generous leg room, and the width of the inside means you won’t be rubbing shoulders with others.



The Coupé has a slightly smaller boot than the SUV shape, but it can still swallow an impressive eight carry-on suitcases below its parcel shelf. There’s a good amount of storage, including an area at the base of the dashboard, which is wide enough to stow two phones and has a wireless charger, two cupholders and a vast cubby under the central armrest. A $480 optional Transport Package is available and gives you a height-adjustable boot floor and levers on the walls of the boot for remotely dropping the 60/40 split rear seatbacks. All versions get a ski hatch in the rear backrest.



Competition comes from KIA EV6 GT, Tesla model Y, Nissan Ariya.



Enyaq Coupe iV vRS $86400




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