Surron is probably not a company you have heard of for e-dirt bikes, but it will be as the brand grows its superb range of electric motorbikes.

The company currently puts focus on off-road models with bags of torque and outstanding acceleration.



Surron started in 2014, blending industry-leading specialists, cutting-edge technology, innovation and meticulous product development. The result was the original “e-dirt bike,” the Light Bee, in 2018. Surron has sold more than 70,000 Light Bee units worldwide since then.


Surron employs more than 100 employees manufacturing and developing quality electric motorcycles and achieving an internationally-coveted Red Dot design award. Surron’s operations are in the Chinese cities of Chongqing, the capital of China’s motorcycle and auto industries;  Hangzhou, the capital of Chinese e-commerce.


I was fortunate to ride all the Surron motorbikes thanks to Motoebikes of Guildford, Surrey.



Light Bee X.

The Light Bee X has 6 kW of power from its electric motor producing a cruising range of 100 Km. The range can be increased via the regenerative braking that puts power back into the battery. Weighing only 56 Kg, it lives up to its name, and the lightness benefits performance. The Light Bee X can hit a top speed of 75 Km/H and provides excellent acceleration. The bike is super easy to handle and can easily be thrown around the dirt trails so that you can change direction at will.


The aluminium frame is matched with an off-road suspension designed for this electric platform. Other benefits are the lack of emissions which makes other users of the countryside happy, as does the lack of noise, so walkers, dog owners and horse riders are delighted.


Surron will be improving all their models for 2023, and the Light Bee X will see a new 60V/38Ah battery, more robust handlebar mount and dual hall sensor throttle, so the bike is more responsive. The bike is easy to charge and quick using a standard wall outlet, which takes three hours to reach 100%.


Available in Three colour options (black, blue, silver)

MSRP: $5,999




I didn’t ride the next bike in the range as it targets children and youths from ten and up.




Based on the Light Bee X, the S model features MX-style suspension, 17-inch wheels and a 48V removable lithium battery pack. You can transport it without fuss and charge it on the go with a portable power supply until you reach your destination.


The Light Bee S is an ideal entry machine enabling youngsters to improve their riding skills using a lightweight bike with excellent power response. No gear changing is a significant advantage when learning to ride. The bike has an Eco mode which reduces performance but improves range, so the rider can get used to handling the machine before increasing their speed. Sports mode will allow them to step up in performance as they grow in confidence.


MSRP: $4,100



2023 models.


Storm Bee. F.


The Storm Bee F. is an excellent choice for any level of off-road rider because of its ease of use. The 22.5 kW of electric power enables you to enjoy dirt tracks, trails and fields with a broad smile. Power delivery is smooth, and the lightness allows for great manoeuvring.


The benefits of having an electric motorcycle for off-road use are many, with major ones being the lack of noise, but also you won’t need to carry fuel with you or have to do oil changes at the side of the track. Virtually maintenance-free, you will be spending more time riding than servicing your machine.


The Storm Bee F has a maximum range of 120 km (75 miles), equating to a good few hours of constant off-road riding. Three riding modes allow control over your range and power output to adjust to conditions. You also get the added safety of traction control and even a reverse gear.


MSRP: $8,499


Storm Bee




The top-of-the-range Ultra Bee is the machine Surron has built to take on petrol-powered off-road bikes. It was developed through racing and engineered to give the rider outstanding performance. The platform delivers lightweight handling and smooth power output integrating Surron’s advanced off-road traction control system to help you conquer obstacles and varied conditions. Surron’s latest powertrain system is at the heart of this bundle of fun.


You will feel confident stopping the machine with race-inspired braking, coping with the bike’s tremendous power. The front and rear suspension units can handle anything you can throw at them, allowing higher jumps and faster riding on the bumps.



The Ultra Bee produces 12.5 kW peak power which can blast the machine to 90 Km/H and allow you to ride up to 140Km. The three riding modes will enable you to switch from Eco, which gives you maximum range but reduces acceleration and top speed. Then there is Daily which balances range with speed and when you want to play for a shorter time but go all out select Sport. In this mode, speed is critical, but the payoff is reduced range.


Priced announced in 2023.


Competition comes from the big companies in off-road bikes, with KTM , Husqvarna and Honda




DIAN Motors Inc. is the exclusive authorized Canadian distributor of Surron™ electric motorcycles.




Jeremy @Fueler