Iconic British Brand Ted Baker has entered the lifestyle watch market.

The styling is intrinsically Ted Baker with great designs and colours. The company has produced four womens’ watches and four mens’. Jeremy Webb looks at the timepieces which are now available in Canada.


Their collection launching in Canada is the first to incorporate the magnolia motif, representing perseverance, strength, and beauty in nature.


Anthony Cuthbertson, Global Creative Director, Ted Baker, “The magnolia motif was lifted directly from the Ted Baker archive and stretches back to a constant deep-rooted association with floral designs from our inception in 1988. The Ted Baker DNA summed up in one simple icon.”


The brand uses 100% sustainable and recyclable gift boxes and is proud to launch four watches for both men and women, available with various watchstraps, case sizes, and dials.


The Lilabel watches and Fitzrovia Bumble Bee expand the women’s range with delicate, unique details highlighting their sophisticated, elegant look and feel. At the same time, the Phylipa and Caine gentlemens’  timepieces bring classic and contemporary styling to the best-selling men’s collection.



The Lilabel timepiece for women showcases Ted Baker’s iconic magnolia motif stretched across its transparent 36mm dial. It is also delicately engraved on the back of the Lilabel case and the inside of the watch strap. The Fitzrovia Bumble Bee watch complements the natural theme, featuring a bumble bee detail on its 34mm dial. Both are available in various colours, meaning customers can make their timepieces their own.


The Caine timepiece for men boasts a chronograph movement encased in a large 44mm case. Water resistant up to Fifty metres, it features a silicone strap embossed with the Ted Baker logo.


These two gents’ watches mean Ted Baker has contemporary style covered. The Phylipa watch for men makes the perfect counterpart, with its slim 41mm case and multi-functional movement. The brown leather strap integrates, making it a classic timepiece.


Giorgio Galli, Timex Group’s Chief Executive Creative Director, comments: ‘We are proud of the design evolution of Ted Baker watches, which has enhanced the iconic traits of the brand and its Luxury British lifestyle brand.”


The range is now on sale in Canada from Thebay.com, $180-$240.


The new additions from Ted Baker have competition from the Timex Marlin Mens’ watch.

The eight watches from Ted Baker expand the London-based company’s collection, and they are already proving popular. I do not doubt that Ted Baker will continue to design and create affordable timepieces that allow watch lovers to own several models.


Timex Group designs and markets, and manufactures innovative watches globally.

Timex Group is a privately held company headquartered in Middlebury, Connecticut, with over 3,000 employees and multiple operating units worldwide. One of the largest watch manufacturers in the world, Timex Group companies produce watches under several world-class brand names, including Timex, Furla, Gc, Guess, Missoni, Nautica, Philipp Plein, Plein Sport, Adidas,  Salvatore Ferragamo,  and Ted Baker.


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