Swedish company Mo’cycle has perfected jeans that come with built-in Air bags aimed at preventing injuries to motorcyclists. The idea of Owner Moses Shahrivar, the product, has been developed over several years and will launch later this year.

I wanted to tackle something different for my blog this week, and safety is close to my heart when riding motorcycles and driving cars, so I am always interested in improvements. As I review kit and bikes and cars, I wanted you to hear about these jeans I have come across.



Mo’cycle is a Swedish fashion-tech brand that has been on a 17-year-long journey of creating the safest motorcycle jeans in the world. The latest and safest version is the Airbag Jeans.


Innovating since 2005, Moses Shahrivar, the Founder of Mo’cycle based in Sweden, first experimented with protective motorcycle jeans using Kevlar-lined and leather-lined jeans. Mo’cycle was featured on the Swedish version of Shark Tank, where it received funding from three of the five investors.



I am fortunate that Moses, the developer of the Airbag jeans, has sent me a pair to review. Happy to test new products; I will hopefully never have to put the Airbag jeans to the ultimate test of saving my skin and more.


Current motorcycle jeans offer impact protection for the knees and hips, while the rest of the lower body is unprotected from impact hits; this is alarming, considering that most injuries in a severe motorcycle accident occur to the lower body.


Mo’Cycle’s Airbag jeans for the lower body are a game-changer in safety because airbags cushions impact hits differently, superior in absorbing impact energy compared to traditional pads. The Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans have solved the long-lasting impact problem with airbag technology. Previously unprotected areas on the lower body can now be impact protected with the Mo’cycle® Airbag jeans.


The Airbag jeans are made with the most robust denim, Armalith® denim, a single-layer fabric for handling the abrasion forces, while the airbag takes the impact forces. The Armalith® technology is utilised on the fibre level; a blend of fibres (including UHMWPE) is ring-spun and blended to achieve extreme abrasion-resistant properties while at the same time being stretchy and resembling regular denim fabric.


The flat airbag makes the jeans comfortable because it is soft and flat; it’s not felt. The airbag is activated when the rider is bodily separated from the vehicle; the trigger mechanism is a tether connecting the jeans to the motorcycle and works as a dead man’s switch.



The airbag covers new areas on the lower body, previously unprotected from impact hits, such as the thighs, the rear part of the body and especially the tailbone! To protect the spinal column’s first bone with airbag technology is ground-breaking because spinal column injuries are the ones paralysing motorcycle riders. The safety the Airbag jeans offers is a much-needed development for riders who only have traditional motorcycle jeans and pants to choose from today.


Mo’cycle® has teamed up with Helite® for airbag production, development and distribution. Helite® has produced airbags for the upper body for over 20 years, but airbags for the lower body are lacking on the market; the Mo’cycle® jeans are the first out, and a new airbag market is emerging in safety.



Benefits of the Mo’Cycle Airbag jeans.


Comfortable to wear

The Airbag Jeans look and feel like any other pair of jeans when not inflated


100% reusable

The Airbag Jeans are reusable; replace a CO2 cartridge

Automatic inflation

The mechanical trigger belt connects to your bike and activates the airbag


Abrasion resistant fabric

The fabric is highly abrasion resistant but looks and feels like regular denim



The Airbag Jeans are made with breathable fabric


Machine washable

The Airbag Jeans are breathable, and the black colour is water repellent


Protective pads

In addition to the airbag, the jeans are armoured with CE-approved pads on the knees



Airbag jeans are a product you want to use but never use entirely.

I would recommend buying a pair and hope you never put them to the test. Safe riding.





The Airbag Jeans launch on the 28th of Feb., 2023.


The launch price is $800 and the retail prices range from $900 to $1280 (depending on the CE level of the Armalith denim A to AAA).



Jeremy @Fueler


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