They say behind every 30 million hit viral video is an equal number of words. In this case, we will prove this true.

Rumour has it that TandKay021 are from Ohio. We are here to take them out of there and fly them back to where they actually reside in, Vancouver, Canada.


As any story, there is a beginning, middle and end. “T and Kay” also known as: Troy and Kirsten, met just over a year and a half ago on the online dating app Tinder. Known as the “world’s best dating app”, Tinder uses a simple algorithm of swiping right to “like” or swiping left to “dislike”.

Parise Photography // Kirsten and Troy Engagement 2022 // Vancouver Canada // TandKay021


What was it about Troy Parker’s profile that caught Kirsten’s attention? “I honestly can’t remember” she said with a laugh, “it was actually the first message he sent, he had asked me a really dumb trivial question. I answered it and he said ‘Strike One!’” Then I spent the next ten minutes arguing with him and the rest is history as they say.


Troy and Kirsten started dating during Covid over connecting through hour long conversations.

Jerry Lum Photography // Deighton Cup, Vancouver // Voltage Entertainment // Mile’s End Motors // Fueler Canada Magazine



We met Kirsten (age 31), about six years ago working for Voltage Entertainment at Deighton Cup as a Mile’s End Motors VIP staff. Kirsten made an impression, bubbly, fun, a leader.


Charles Zuckermann Photography // Deighton Cup, Vancouver // Voltage Entertainment // Mile’s End Motors // Fueler Canada Magazine


Coming up 5 years ago in January she turned her passion into a business alongside best friend and business partner Cassandra Tracy.

“There is one thing that can’t be taught and that’s having the heart to be a child’s hero.” Durand stated.

Each of the cast members (there are 40 dedicated subcontractors for Out of the Rain Character Events) are taught not only poise but to lead their talent with their hearts. The number one goal with Out of the Rain Events, is that every child from every background is represented.


Averaging about 100 parties now per month, we certainly were privileged to have Durand’s time for a magnitude of events: Mile’s End Motors Fundraiser for the Easter Seals and Covenant House, Food & Toy Drive ; Diner En Blanc, Mile’s End Motors VIP Head Table ; Deighton Cup, Miles End Motors VIP Field of Dreams; Whiskey Global, Mile’s End Motors promotional…. To name a few.


Out of the Rain Character Events // Vancouver , Canada // Princess Belle / Princess Anna & Princess Elsa // Fueler


Parker was smitten with Durand after only 6 weeks. They shared the same passions for life and had a drive to be successful at what they love. Everyone needs a Parker in their lives too, intelligent, honest, caring, empathetic but also able to kick butt. Literally. As he is 4th degree black belt in Shotokan Karate, a weapons expert and bolsters years of experience in other arts. When not around his fiancé, you can find him training and teaching at his martial arts studio, Safeguard Martial Arts, in Langley City.


TandKay021 // Kirsten and Troy real engagement shoot Bridgerton style // Kirsten with her friends dressed up as princesses // Vancouver, BC Canada // Fueler Magazine


So now we come to the end of the story, how did one beautiful sunset evening in Powell River become a scavenger hunt for a diamond ring?


“The photographer told us that we looked too staged and to try something else.” Durand told us, “So, I was candid and let my emotions take over instead of trying to pose like a princess.” The ring flew out of the Cinderella carriage box and into the soft sand of the West Coast and before they knew it (like, actually), the ring was buried by the grains of sand. “My sister, and her friend, the photographer, the photographers step dad, and the photographers mom, Troy and I….. we looked for that ring with all our hands and hearts, we even took time out to pray,” Kirsten remembered. This was TandKay021 ‘s second engagement shoot. The first and ‘real’ one was a scene out of Bridgerton, a Netflix and Chill special.


TandKay021 // Troy and Kirsten real engagement // Vancouver, BC Canada // Fueler Canada Magazine


Who found it I bet you are wondering? The photographer, Yakira Parise, shook the shocked sound out of her voice the same way she dusted the sand off the ring, “I think I’ve found it.”


The video was posted as a lesson for what not to do at your engagement shoot, so let that be a lesson to you.


Parise Photography // Kirsten and Troy Engagement 2022 // Vancouver Canada // TandKay021