You did it! We are halfway there!

Everyone’s ideal body shape, weight, size and look is all unique to them. What I might want, is most likely completely different from what you’re colleague over there wants. A well balanced workout is like a proper meal.

Working out is important for your wellbeing mind body and soul, and if you find yourself driving for long periods of time, these simple exercises will improve your flexibility and help with those muscle spasms you may be feeling. We like to focus on abs… as it is the first area we always look at when judging our bodies.

Marvin and Honey from the Core Master continue to be your trainers for week three. Do these on your own or with the help of their disk.

If you’re just starting with us and missed out on week 1 or week 2 find them by clicking the links!


This weeks:

3 exercises to help you feel GOOD! 

  1. Plank Jacks
  2. Inchworm
  3. Close Grip Pressups