We all know getting that start to workout is not easy.

For the next four weeks join us and The Core Master with simple exercises that get your heart going and your head-space in a better mood! Do these on your own or with the help of The Core Master board.

3 Videos and simple routines you can do anywhere. So get off your desk and follow along!


1. 20 Reps side to side punches.
Keep your feet in a line and your knees bent and low. To prevent dizziness keep your focus to where you are going and not looking around.


2. High low plank pushups. 5 Pushups, 5 second break, repeat 3 times.

Secure your feet on a bench or chair (make sure your chair does not have wheels). Keep your back straight, hips down and toes on the edge of the bench.
As you go down into a pushup keep that back aligned with your head and feet in a straight line! Arching your back will not only hurt your back and shoulders but does not give you the results. Remember to breathe! Use the 5 second down time to realign yourself if needed.


3. Balance! Low Plank + High Plank.

First get in a high plank, chest above the board and your hands (keep your arms straight) . Shoulders in line with the hips. Hold for 10 seconds then relax. Do this for 5 reps.
Move to a Low Plank position – elbows down on the ground of on your board, hips down and body level and balanced. Hold yourself up for 10 seconds, then relax. Repeat for 5 reps.

Repeat above sequence again total twice.



Week 1/4 complete !

Do these as often as possible week long until our next workout!

See you all back here on our blog next Monday!