Many [ ] have made this prank attempt of stuffing cork, fruit, branchs or something else in the any expensive supercar’s exhaust pipe. WHY?! We are not here to answer this for all those who have….. as we know how simple pranks can become a big problem for car owners. This mindless prank clogging inevitably increases the gas pressure in the self-regulating air pump and leads to the following two conditions: car stalling or rejection. 

Let us explore these situations. Say for instance you owned this Lamborghini Huracan Preformante, what actually happens when an object is stuffed inside your car’s exhaust pipe?

What occurs when a bush/cork is stuffed in a car exhaust pipe of Lamborghini Huracan Performante?

When you shove a bush/cork or any other food in the exhaust pipe system, it eventually blocks the airflow and the engine will not start. As a result, one of the two things can take place:

1. The stalling or block of Lamborghini’s engine

In general: If the object fits the exhaust system properly with minimal or no air gaps, it will definitely cause cracks in the pipe. These breakdowns slowly leak smoke inside the car and cause the car to stall. As a result, there is no fresh air to exhaust and it eventually ceases operations. This disrupts the operation of the engine and causes it to malfunction and die altogether. Therefore, something may break and it will no longer be funny.

But if are considering “Lamborghini Huracan Performante” which has engine power of 630HP and V-10 engine with 8000 RPM, an ordinary object or fruit may not withstand with this high power or less chance of damage the engine. Because this car has enough power to shoot out the obstacle from tailpipe. For this car this situation may fall under case 2, explained below.

2. Shooting out the bush/cork from exhaust pipe

On the other hand, the object is blown out before creating enough pressure to damage the engine. The engine’s starter motor applies heavy torque, rotates the pump and eventually creates less backspace. Thereby, the object can be filmed in a complex flight path.

You do not have to worry (much). In this case, your car will recover. (To learn more about the flight path of projectiles stay tuned in our mechanics section!)

Many people find this funny but they need to understand that it is a dangerous act. It will damage your vehicle forever and could potentially hurt you. If the object is under-marked or does not fit properly into the exhaust pipe, it will take nothing, it will in turn slide down from the exhaust pipe and will not affect the car’s engine.

Photo: Kline Innovation

Thankfully this Lamborghini Huracan Performante will not affected by the ordinary obstacle due to high engine power and torque capacity, a whooping 442 lb-ft.

Our verdict? No matter what the consequences of stuffing objects into the exhaust system, an unpleasant act can permanently damage the car and injure you. We recommend: do not try this. Not to mention a new exhaust would stand you 12k CAD, and this doesn’t include anything else if your car blows up.