You most likely will have leftovers from this hot BBQ neighbourhood joint, but they sure won’t make it into your house.

Whiskey Six BBQ serves slow cooked brisket, barbecue meats and sides, will have you feel a little too comfortable in those drawstring pants.


The synopsis would be this: There’s nothing better than a local neighbourhood pub or restaurant. Scratch that. There’s nothing better than a local neighbourhood pub or restaurant, which defines local BC food and drinks quite like Whiskey Six BBQ in East Vancouver; Everything that Marc D. Wicks feeds you and has you drink is locally sourced.




Father to four, his morning routine is unique like his kitchen. Wakes up around 5am, leaves the house to put in all the meats for the evening to cook, comes back home in a few hours to play with the kids till lunch and then heads back to the restaurant to finish cooking and open for the evening rush!

Whiskey Six BBQ, W6BBQ, “welcomes all with an appetite,” even if you weren’t hungry coming in, the sheer smell of Marc’s secret sauce will probably have you ordering more than you planned for.


For years Marc has honed on his craft on how to bring his customers the most tender meats (and secret BBQ sauce). Different diets have been introduced in households and W6BB has been right on top with bringing delightful meals for vegetarians and vegans, those with lactose or gluten intolerance, or simply those looking to loose a bit of weight.

We met one person who was the definition of everything but – Raina, or how thousands know her as, @RainaisCrazy.



It was a pretty cold afternoon a few weeks ago when Marc and I were waiting for Raina to come by. There are 8 tables lining the parameter of the restaurant; One was set aside for myself, one for YouTube star Raina Huang. A little table tag chalked with our names, so cute! Marc had closed down Whiskey Six for a chunk of time during his usual after-school rush just for Raina, goes to show the gentleman he is.


BBQ is a finicky process. Sure, anyone can slap on some meat over a grill and close the lid, however, W6BBQ is BBQ-art. Although some things could be prepared and warmed carefully, most of Marc’s dishes are delicious as they are fresh. Raina had to wait for a few minutes for her challenge but boy, was it worth it! The slight of this massive board of food made my insides delighted, I couldn’t wait to see Raina take on this challenge; I also knew this platter was something I could actually order too, for $120, this was on now on top of girls-night ideas. The H44 platter includes a huge portion of smoked brisket, a mega rack of back ribs, chicken legs, pulled pork, corn, onion rings, macaroni and cheese, potato salad, slaw, bread, sausage and (naturally) crunchy pickles.



Nothing is missing! Except! Drinks!


Truth be told, six years ago, Marc needed to step up his cocktail game. Did he ever! Shaken, strained, stirred cocktails have been demanded and he has given. The new list of cocktails includes Manhattans, Negroni’s, Old Fashioned’s, Margarita’s, Sous and more… all W6BBQ style. Every spirit on his wall is local, you could have a different spirit every weekend for a year and you still wouldn’t have tried them all.


Marc is on the hunt for a talented chef to join him so he can have some more time with his kids. “Sadly this city is very transient. I used to have two really amazing managers over the last few years but they left the city. At the moment it’s hard to find that someone special, but I know that time will come,” said Wicks. Could you be that person?



Whiskey Six BBQ tends to book really fast as hours of operation are only during dinner Wednesday to Saturdays. Or drive down to get take-away, 826 Renfrew Street, Vancouver.




Nina @Fueler

Eat, Drink, Local!